Jimmy's Cabin (John 's POV)

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Exhaustion was rapidly catching up with me. I was still clenching and unclenching my fists after Jim's kissing. My breathing was ragged and eyelids drooping shut. My hip throbbed where the glass had punctured it.

"I could kill him," I thought, "Shift to a dog and tear his throat out. But then I would be stuck here and the driver would probably find out about my abilities. And then there is the fact that I don't even know if I could kill him in dog if I can't in human." My face must've been squinched in thought for Jim's hand reached out and brushed across my cheek. I flinched away.

"Oh Johnny Boy, no need to try and escape." His voice grated on my ears. I growled and squished myself even more against the door. Moriarty just scooched closer.

"Just, stop." I demanded in tones that would've made the hair of a war hardened soldier stand on end. Moriarty only found it adorable.

"Why?" He pouted, "Do you miss Sherlock?"

"Rather be with him than with you." I stated matter a factly.

"That's not very nice." Moriarty flicked my ear before leaning back on his own seat. We had been driving since sunset. I looked at my old, beat up watch and noted that the time was creeping onto midnight.

"Ask me if I care." I growled. Part of me was worried that Moriarty might grow tired of me always back talking, he might decide to kill me if he did.

"Feisty, now are we?" He laughed cruelly. Everything about him made me infuriated. But I was growing so tired, so very, very tired.  I yawned loudly, blocking my mouth with my fist. My eyes watered slightly and started to droop.

"We might take a vacation" Moriarty mused and I slumped against the seat, "Get Sherlock out of your head. It'd be just me and you, Johnny Boy." His arms came out and curled me into his chest, I was too emotionally and physically drained to fight back, he turned to look at me, a grin on his face, "Maybe we'll go to an island for our vacation. Nice and warm, perfect for romanticizing." He purred as his hands tangled in my hair as I fell asleep in the monster's arms.

I'm running through a field. The sun is shining and birds chirping. My paws dig into the soft dirt, tearing up the long grasses. I'm beginning to actually enjoy this when I see two men standing at the other end. I bark and slow to a trot as I reach them. The scenery has changed drastically. The trees are dead and the grass burned. Sherlock stands to one side, mangled bodies scattered at his feet. I shift back to human fluidly, standing in my favorite jumper and jeans. Sherlock's face is lit up in a brilliant, heart stopping smile.

"I found you! Sure it required some deaths, but it was all worth it." Sherlock declares, casting bored looks at the corpses. I feel sick, Sherlock had killed in order to find me.

"Sher..." I start to croak, but another voice interrupts me.

"Johnny Boy!" Moriarty stands to the other side of me. His hands covered in blood but no bodies found around him.

"James." I growl savagely. He just laughs.

"You have to choose eventually, John, me or Sherlock?" His voice is like a taunt, "Though Sherlock will never return your feelings."

"Feelings?" A weird sensation fills me, as if I am being picked up. I am still on the ground.

"It's sooo obvious!" Jim laughs.

"John?" Sherlock cocks his head with a sad expression. Jim laughs before lunging at Sherlock, ripping him apart.

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