Locations (John's POV)

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"Gah!" I huffed as a hand came out and wrapped around my mouth. No one was around on this little side street so there was no chance of getting help. I was pulled roughly into a taller slender body as another hand came and wrapped around my waist.

"Did you miss me?" Jim leaned down and whispered into my ear, nipping the lobe. I gave a whimper, but it was muffled heavily by Jim's soft and manicured hand.

"Shh, shh." Jim murmured as his thumb moved in circles on my upper lip. My heart was thudding rapidly in my chest, "Sherlock knows I have you, just not where." He laughed and used the hand on my waist to send a text, shifting me about to see his phone screen better. Moments later, a sleek black limo pulled up to the curb. Its engine purred as Jim picked me up and carried me over to the car. The door was opened from the inside by a young girl. She had curly red hair and pale skin. Her green eyes were open wide with admiration but, at the same time, squinted with barely contained fury. She wore a tight fitting black dress that rose up on her long legs. Matching heels adorned her feet.

"Is this John?" Her voice was thick as syrup and heavily coated with sarcasm. She sounded like she couldn't care less about the world. She flipped her hair over her shoulder and examined her nails.

"Yes." Jim purred, shoving me into the car. He quickly slid in after me and shut the door, the driver taking off instantly. I lunged for Moriarty but, in a flash, a gun was in his hand and pointed at the girl. She looked up, a flash of worry in her eyes as she swallowed and scooched back in her seat.

"Don't." I gulped.

"Then sit down, Johnny Boy." Jim smiled his sadistic grin and licked his lips, eyes roaming over my short body.

"Yeah, please sit down." The girl's voice shook as she tried to wear a mask of boredom. Her fear shattered her expression. She sat up straight in her seat, looking like a young child. Her hands gripped the black leather edges of her seat and chest rose and fell rapidly.

"Quiet Charlie, or I'll shoot you whether Johnny Boy sits or not." Jim turned his murderous smile on her. His eyes filled with a glint of pure madness.

"It's Charlotte." She grumbled, though much quieter than her previous obnoxious southern drawl. Jim just cocked the pistol and chuckled.

"Only when you're killing people." He turned his gaze back to me, "Try anything and Charlie dies and you get immobilize with a bullet to both legs." I put my hands up to show that I wouldn't try anything and sat back farther in my seat.

"Now, you can speak, Charlie." Jim smiled at her, somewhat kindly.

"Thank you, Jim." She nodded and shivered with fright. My mouth stayed firmly shut and I tried to deduce where we were going, but I only figured out that Moriarty must've had some type of leverage on Charlotte. I took a risk and turned my back on Moriarty. Being sure to be discreet, I pulled my phone from my pocket and quickly went to Sherlock's and my texts. I hit details and then Share my location, quickly choosing the "Share Indefinitely" option. When that had completed I turned it off and slipped it back into my pocket with a sigh of hope.

"He'll find you before anything too bad happens. You'll be okay." I consoled myself. I was already lost in a maze of turns and backstreets when Jim's hand came out and laced itself around my eyes, pulling my head against his chest. I gave off a shuddering breath but didn't dare move. I knew that he would shoot Charlotte if I did.

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