(John's POV)

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A.N: guys...I'm getting a little bored with this story and I have no clue where to go from here...any ideas would probably be nice and welcome and I might just kinda wrap this up and I'll try not to be too sloppy with that but I can't make any promises😬thank you all so much for reading this and double, no- triple... actually, ALL THE THANKS to those who've commented on this story! You guys- I love you guys the most❤️HOPE YOU ALL ARE HAVING A WONDERFUL SCHOOL YEAR SO FAR AND BE SAFE DURING HALLOWEEN!!!

I awoke with a raging headache and a desperate need to shift. It had been days since the last time. I slowly sat up, careful to avoid jostling my already bruised brain. Moriarty was no where to be seen. I silently slid from the bed and padded over to the bathroom. I stepped in, shut and locked the door, and then leaned against the wood, panting. My fingers fumbled with the tie on Moriarty's gray sweatpants. I struggled out of them and my boxers, folding both neatly and setting them on the countertop. I then slipped off the loose t-shirt with shaking hands and folded it as well, putting it atop the borrowed sweats. I stood there for a moment, gathering my calm, before I shifted. The pain was searing, but the relief better than anything I had ever experienced. I shook my shaggy fur and trotted about the bathroom. I leapt into the tub and curled up there, whining. I didn't know what to do nor what I was doing.

"You're trying to gain his trust." The voice in my head reasoned. I whimpered and stood up again, leaping onto the plush rug.

"John?" Moriarty's voice slithered about the room, sounding completely indifferent. I sighed and shifted again, clamping my mouth shut against the scream that threatened to spill out. I quickly and messily yanked on my clothes before unlocking and opening the door.

"Yes?" I asked, stepping into the bedroom.

"We're going on a trip." He smiled, that wretched and lying smile.


"It's not your place to QUESTION me." He suddenly snapped, just like at the pool. I recoiled from the harshness of his voice. He breathed deeply and smoothed his suit jacket. He ran his hand over his slicked back hair and blinked slowly.

"Sherlock is moving faster than I anticipated, I didn't think he'd resort to torture that quickly." Moriarty purred once he had gotten himself under control.

"Torture?" I felt blood drain from my face.

"Oh yes, he cut up and burned Kevin terribly so and Robert was eventually forced to speak or watch his twin die." He shrugged, "I had a trusted infidel check up on them. Sherlock left the twins there to starve. I decided not to intervene." He smirked and seemed to be calculating my response. "You look worried."

"I didn't think Sherlock capable of that." I murmured once I had gotten my voice back.

"He threw a man from a window multiple times because of Mrs. Hudson, why wouldn't he torture someone for you?" Moriarty waved his hand in the air and turned to the bed, sitting down upon it, "where would be the last place he'd look?" He muttered, hand rubbing absently at day old stubble. His eyes went almost hazy and milky, as if they were seeing a completely different world, and the light faded from them. I didn't respond, I had learned that he was talking to himself when he got that look in his eyes. Suddenly, his face snapped up and he smiled at me, all the light flooding back into his eyes. He chuckled softly and heaved himself to his feet.

"Pack your bags, John." He walked over and patted my shoulder.

"Are we going far?" I kept my voice quiet.

"Oh, we're staying in London, right under Sherlock's nose." I didn't even bother asking where or how, I just got to work on packing my small bags. It was slow going, Moriarty kept yelling at Hamish to be careful as the giant moved everything into the sleek limousine. I just sat on the front steps as all this took place, looking at the emptiness all around. There were golden fields that waved in the gentle, warm breeze for as far as the eye could see. Sporadically placed were a few small and scraggly trees. The sky was cloudless and bright blue with the sun shining down harshly upon us. I sighed and mopped at my brow, it was unseasonably hot.

"John! Get in the car!" Moriarty bellowed, holding open the door and motioning for me to slide in. I sighed and forced myself onto my feet, wobbling slightly as I grew lightheaded. I made my way over to Moriarty and hopped into the car, Moriarty in right behind me. I tried to roll down the window to get a breeze going, but Jim only laughed at my antics.

"Oh Johnny Boy, do you think I'd let you roll down the windows?" He reached out and ruffled my hair. I moaned and leaned into his hand.

"Why can't I?" I mumbled. 

"You could scream for help." He answered as he pulled me close to his side and I forced myself to rest my head on his shoulder.

"Now why would I do that?" I played along, trying to act coy. Moriarty only kissed the top of my head before resting his own head on mine.

"I think I'm going to kill Sherlock." He hummed. I felt myself dying to shift and pull away from him.

"Only if I can watch." I felt like throwing up. I had to play my part.

Oh goodness!!! I know, I know! It's really disappointingly short and all that but I don't know what I'm doing anymore!! You are all probably losing interest and all that good stuff now...I'm sorry!!! I just can't think at the moment! I just finished season 11 of Supernatural and found out that season 12 won't be on Netflix for another year so I'm having a mini break down.

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