Vacation (Sherlock's POV)

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I sat in my chair by the long dead fireplace, rocking back and forth as I stared at the phone. Suddenly, it dinged and vibrated. I lunged at it. Moriarty's number appeared on the screen. I unlocked it and quickly read through the text.

"Hawaii?" I muttered, "Honolulu?" This seemed entirely unlike Moriarty, but that might be just the reason he chose it. I desperately wanted to respond, to see if my hedgehog was okay. I took deep breathes and quickly started on this new case that surpassed all others in importance. I rushed between computer and phone. I repeatedly called Lestrade and told him what to do.

"Idiots, all of them." I muttered through a cigarette. I hated myself for starting again, but I swore to stop once John was back and safe. The smoke puffed about and swirled in the apartment before drifting lazily out the open window.

"Sherlock?" Mrs. Hudson forced her way into my room, "Have you even eaten?" Worried, obviously.

"Digestion only slows me down." I grumbled and ignored the impulse to glare at her.

"Sherlock Holmes, I will not let you go back to bad habits just because your boyfriend is gone!" I almost jumped out from my chair at the anger in her voice, "You need to keep your strength up if you wish to find him!" She hustled into the kitchen and began to cook angrily.

"Mrs. Hudson..." I started, standing from my chair and momentarily distracted from the computer.

"Don't, Sherlock. You will eat what I cook, all of it." Mrs. Hudson commanded. I shook my head and sat down in a stupor, getting back on task.

"How long has it been?" She asked.

"Since I ate or since John disappeared?" I mumbled, stuffing another cigarette beside the first one.

"Both." She clarified.

"I ate last week Monday, and John disappeared...wait, what day is it?" I cursed myself for not knowing this.

"It's February the 14th."

"Then I ate on the 1st and John was stolen on the 10th, if memory proves correctly." John always muddled my thoughts when he was around. Mrs. Hudson gave me a funny look, as if she knew what I was thinking.

"Sherlock, you can't do this to yourself." She tsked. I just sighed and continued texting Lestrade and searching the island of Honolulu for somewhere Moriarty might be staying.

"Let's meet up at Honolulu, Sherly! Meet me at the Halekilani hotel, it's near the Waikiki Beach. Johnny Boy will be awaiting your arrival. Jim Moriarty x." The text read, dripping with ill intentions. I growled but quickly cut it off and took a minute to collect my thoughts.

"Why are you telling me this –SH" I asked him.

"Cause Johnny Boy insist, and I would never disappoint him. Unlike some. Jim Moriarty x." I blinked at his choice of words.

"When are you leaving –SH" I decided I would go with it, it might be true and, if not, it would probably cough up some hints if it were a trap.

"Well, John is snuggled in my chest sound asleep at the moment, so I think when he wakes. He's quite the cuddler. Jim Moriarty x." I took a deep breath and watched passively as my hand shook

"Send me a text when you are heading for the airport –SH" I responded once I had gotten my nerves back under the minimal control I had left.

"Sherlock! This is the third time I've called, get in here this instant and eat!" Mrs. Hudson's shrill voice tore me from my mind palace and conversation with Moriarty.

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