Friends and Apologies

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I managed to be back at the dorms right before PD-nim came here. I hurriedly changed my clothes and went to the living room. I can feel Namjoon, Yoongi and Jimin giving me curious looks. They actually saw me entering earlier wearing a Pizza Delivery Guy outfit. I decided to deal with them later.

"We need to talk." PD-nim said with a serious tone.

I sat on the sofa, the rest of the members standing behind me. PD-nim took a seat right in front of me, standing next to him is our manager.

"I'll go straight to the point." He looked at me straight in the eye. I felt really nervous and scared, just like what I felt when I met Dahyun's father.

Speaking of Dahyun's father, I better remind myself to talk to him as soon as possible, and explain to him everything, because god knows what he would do to me. I'm not scared if he will kill me. What scares me the most is that he will not accept me to be Dahyun's fiance. And what's more scary is that, he will make his daughter stay away from me... forever.

"I'm really disappointed in you, Jungkook." PD-nim started. "I raised you, trained you, made you an idol, but you did this to me." He released a heavy sigh.

Oh man, I'm feeling so guilty right now.

"I really thought that you trust me, your manager... and your members."

Erm... what is he saying?

I looked up and raised my brow.

"How could you?" He raised from his seat, which startled us all. "How could you do this to us?"

I looked at my manager and mouthed, "What is he saying?" But he just rolled his eyes at me, and I find it so childish.

Just what the hell is happening?

I looked at my hyungs and they're also having the same reaction like mine. Namjoon hyung shrugged his shoulders, telling me that he doesn't have any idea of what PD-nim is saying. Jin hyung shook his head, same goes with Hoseok hyung. Jimin remained serious, but I can see a slight confused look on his face. Taehyung mouthed, "I don't know what's happening."

PD-nim cleared his throat a little bit louder, which made us all turn our attention back to him.


How the hell did he know about that?

My eyes widened and my mouth hanged open, same goes with the other members.

"AREN'T YOU PLANNING TO INVITE US? IS THIS WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO GIVE US AFTER EVERYTHING WE DID TO YOU?" This time, it's our manager who spoke. Wait, is he crying?

"Umm... Please listen to me first..."


This time, I got really distracted for what he said. My "future in-laws"? Does it mean that... oh my gosh.

"Yes, we already met your fiancee's parents. They actually came to the office last night." Manager hyung said. "They were so mad at us, at first. Telling us that it's not right for us to force you to lie to the public that you're dating Yeri."

"I was actually going to talk to you before the presscon, to tell you to not say anything, so that I will fix this problem for you. But you did something unstoppable. Which made me realized that you're really in love with this girl." PD-nim said, giving me a small smile. "At first I thought that you were just set up for a marriage contract, but your future-in-laws proudly told me that you were the one who asked for their daughter to marry you. And during the presscon, you proved to us that this girl is not just a simple "girl." You are in love with her."

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