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"Alright so each of the seven members has a specific mission that they must carry out. All of the missions involve Lailah in some way, and must be completed by 9 at night." The director explains, "Do you all understand?"

"If they question us after we complete the mission does it still count?" Jungkook raises his hand, the director nodding.

"The punishment for the losers will be determined later, but all of you have the same destination written on your mission cards... I suggest you find a way to get there quickly," The director finalized his small speech, giving the boys the okay to open their envelopes.

"An amusement park?!" V gasps, having already looked at his card before everyone else, "Uni..ver..sal Stu.. studi.."

"Universal Studios?" I ask, helping him out with his English.

"Yeah!" He thanks, turning to his friends, "that's the movie place, right? Aigoo!"

"I-I don't know how I feel about this..." J-Hope trails off, "I refuse to let you guys make me go on a roller coaster again!"

"Aishh, anyone know how to get there?" Jimin asks. I almost reply saying that I do, but remember that Suga sworn me to secrecy.

"Lailah, do you know where Universal Studios is?" Rap Monster turns to me. I suppose that he is the best at English in the group.

"Y-yeah I do," I stutter, "follow me?"

"Everyone follow Lailah!"

Jungkook's POV:

I am so going to win this mission, even if their is multiple winners...

The writing on my card read, "Teach her Korean phrases that she can use to have a conversation with you. She must reply at least 3 times in Korean,"

This is so easy, she already knows our language!

The only reason why I wanted to approach Lailah in the first place was because I found her intriguing. For one I really liked her outfit, it stood out from anyone else on the street, as well as the fact that her hair was so long and shiny.

I wasn't exactly expecting her to acknowledge Suga and I, but when she did I have to admit that I got a bit excited. Also the fact that I can communicate with her really helped.

"Is it okay if we take the bus?" Leilah suddenly speaks up, her small hand pointing across the street, "It will take us awhile if we walk,"

We all nod, following her across the crosswalk until we reach the bus. I quickly make my way behind her, happy to see that the seats are in sets of twos. She walks all the way to the back, luckily taking the window seat which leaves room for me.

As I sit beside her, her phone sets off a small ding, both of our eyes landing on the screen. All I could see was that it was from someone named 'Olivia Warner', but judging by the way Lailah's face fell it wasn't good.

"Lailah?" Her name leaves my lips before I have time to think, but her facial expression changes within seconds.

"Yeah?" She replies with a smile, covering up the frown that had me worried. I wonder what's wrong... but I think it would be a bit weird for me to ask about her personal life when I've only just met her. Plus we're filming a TV show so probably not the best place.

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