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We had been at this amusement park for about 2 hours now making it 3:30 in the afternoon.

"Can you dance?" J-Hope asks me while the other boys wait in line for a rollercoaster. Well, apart from Suga... I think he might've fallen asleep on a bench somewhere.

"Um, what kind of dance?" I reply, leaning on the metal fence.

His mouth opens and then closes again, probably trying to form a sentence in English, "I show you,"

He starts dancing, snapping in different motions yet also flowing at the same time. I raise my eyebrows, surprised at how good of a dancer he is.

"I teach you?"

I laugh, "J-Hope I'm a ballet dancer, not a hip-hop dancer,"

"Ohh Ballet?" His mouth forms an 'O' as he spins in circles, "I show you,"

He does one motion, looking expectingly at me to follow. This is 100% his mission isn't it... to teach me a dance or something.

I let out a short sigh, feeling my cheeks heat up as I try to copy his actions. He cheers, clapping just before Suga comes up behind him.

"Your mission is to teach her one of our dances isn't it?" He questions in a low, lazy voice.

"WHAT?! HOW'D YOU GUESS THAT?!" J-Hope screeches.

"I've been watching from over there," Suga smirks, "you failed!"

"I thought you said you didn't care if we completed our missions as long as you completed yours," J-Hope pouts, running is hand through his hair.

"Yeah but this was obvious," Suga laughs, "we should probably be leaving soon... the sun is setting,"

"But what-" I start, Suga suddenly yelling. Oops, I forgot... almost gave it away.

"AHHHHHhhhhhh I'm hungry, we should go out to eat," He casually plays it off, sending me a glare, "Eat?"

I giggle, getting that Suga is trying to ask me to go out to eat with them, "Sure,"

I quickly push the thought of Mrs. Warner's face when I come home without an explanation as to where I've been all day. But frankly I just might not care, I'm glad I decided to come with these boys. I actually had fun today.

"Lailah!" A voice calls out to me, "Lailah! I gift you," Jin suddenly appears in front of me holding a pink bear.

I gasp, taking the cute stuffed animal out of his hands, "Thank you, Jin!"

"You are welcome," He smiles, "Mission complete!"

"What? Your mission was to get her a stuffed animal?" Jungkook says, the rest of the boys following him.

"No I had to get her to say thank you," He replies proudly.

"That one is way too easy," J-Hope complains, "how was I meant to teach her one of our dances?!"

Everyone laughs, knowing very well that some of these missions are completely unfair. I think it's more amusing that way though...

"Alright, alright, I'm hungry and tired," Suga speaks up, waving for us to follow him, "Lailah... food,"

"Understood," I reply with a giggle. I think Suga's broken English is the best thing ever.

As we start back to their car, V suddenly decided to stand in front of me. A wide smile on his face while he clasps and unclasps his hands. What's this kid up to now?

"You," He points to me, turns around and squats, "get on,"

"What?" I ask, his body shaking as he dies from laughter.

"My back," He says after catching his breath, pointing to his back.

Does he want to give me a piggyback ride?

"Uh, okay?" I reply unsurely, completely worried that he won't be able to handle my body weight.

"V Hyung what the heck are you doing?" Jungkook questions, raising his hands in the air.

"Completing my mission!" V cheers, starting off into a jog once I hop on.

"Ahh! V, put me down!" I giggle, my arms wrapped around him so that I don't fall off.

He continues around the parking lot, running in circles until we are both engulfed in laughter. One thing I can say for sure is that V is one big goofball, and we need people like him in this world.

"Back to car!" He yells, still not bothering to set my feet back to the ground. He readjusts his grip, waiting for all the boys to get into the vehicle before we do, "Down you go,"

"Lailah needs to sit in the middle, here," one of the directors in the front seat instructs, V getting in before me and Jungkook after me.

I quickly glance back seeing Suga, Jimin, and Jin in the far back, Rap Monster and J-Hope in the middle, and V, Jungkook and I up front. It's quite a cool car they got, but I have to admit it's a bit sketchy considering it's a black van.

The driver starts the car, pulling out into the parking lot and down the road. I probably should have asked where we are going to eat before getting in here... but if we are being completely honest I don't have much to lose.

"so who completed their mission?" Jimin asks, reminding me that he knows I can understand him. I wonder why he hasn't told everyone.

Suga, Jimin, Jin, V, and Jungkook all raise their hands, J-Hope hanging his head low.

"Woah, Suga hyung what was your mission?" Jimin asks suspiciously.

"To get Lailah to come to dinner with us," He says casually, holding up a peace sign.

"What about you, Hyung?" Jungkook turns to Rap Monster.

"Don't worry, I still have time," Rap Monster replies casually, pointing to the clock. The sun has almost set though...

Suddenly the driver pulls into a parking lot of a white building, putting the car in park.

"We just need to grab a few things before we go to eat, you guys can wait here," the two directors up tell us, getting out of the car.

It's a bit quiet, only the sound of some music coming through the speakers until Jungkook starts to hum along. I've never heard this song... but it certainly seems to have a great meaning to it.

Also, Jungkook's voice is stunning.

"You like this song?" V asks me, his eyes never leaving mine. That's one thing about him, he doesn't have much trouble with eye contact unlike the others.

"Yeah..." I trail off, his infections smile showing up again, "is this your song?"

"Oh, oh! Let's give her a life performance!" V exclaims, restarting the song.

"Woah, I'm not warmed up enough and-"

Suga is cut off when Jungkook's car side door swings open aggressively, all of our eyes widening in surprise. I feel my breath hitch in my throat as I suspect it to be the directors but it's anything but that.

What is going on?

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