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"This mic is heavy," I mumble to myself, jumping up and down slightly to feel it hitting my hip.

"Cool?" V looks at me, pointing to it.

"Heavy," I repeat, his expression blankly staring at me, "But I guess it's kinda cool I-"

"COOL MAN," V basically shouts, causing me to jump as he gives me a high five.

"I'm going to the bathroom," Rap Monster tells us, everyone except Jimin and I deciding to accompany him.

Two camera people stay with us as only the sounds of people's screams from the rollercoasters ring in my ears. I've never really liked amusement parks, not that I've been to many. I guess I just don't get the point in the thrill of scaring yourself.

"Hello, My name is Jimin incase you forgot,"

I turn to face him, surprised at how well he was able to put a sentence in English together. That was until I saw him holding his phone with google translate opened on it.

"You little cheater," I laugh, pointing to it, he quickly hiding it behind his back.

"Gahh... I'm not very good at English," He mumbles to himself, "You ride on me?"

I let out a squeak, attempting to hold the water I was just drinking in my mouth. Am I hearing things correctly?

"What?" I ask, his face looking bright red after my reaction.

"Uh, you know... ride on me? Uh ride... ride," He points to the rollercoaster behind him, my eyes widening. I don't do rollercoasters.

But at least he didn't mean what he said in english.

"I'm sorry but I don't like rollercoasters," I make sure to use hand gestures to hopefully help him to understand.

"Awee," He sighs, turning from side to side, "Pleeeaaasee,"

I stare at him, knowing all too well that there's no way he's getting me on one of those things. Last time my brother took me to amusement park I ended up having to go straight home because I was so traumatized.

"I'm sorry, they are just really scary," I try to explain simply.

"We do fun one," He smiles lightly, his hands pressed together pleading.

"Is your mission to get me to ride a rollercoaster with you?" I ask, pursing my lips.


Great, I can't let him fail just because of my dumb little fear... he did say a fun one so maybe we'll just go on a kiddy ride. I'd be fine with that. I look in the direction of the bathroom, already seeing the boys making their way back to us.

"Fine but it needs to be a fun one," I say quickly before I have time to change my mind.

"Okay!" He exclaims, reaching out for my hand, "Let's go! Quickly!"

He takes my hand in his and starts sprinting.


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