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After staring at the wall for a good two hours I was finally able to get myself together enough to find a hiding spot. Turns out the cubbies covered by curtains are actually beds which I gladly used for privacy to let myself go.

I may be very good at hiding what's inside but I'm no iron man either. Everyone has a breaking point no matter who they are or what they've been through, and I'm pretty sure I've just met mine.

None of us dare shut our eyes for a split second due to the fear of the unknown. If we are asleep, we are also completely vulnerable at the hands of or captors. With that said, I'm pretty sure I'm the only one occupying these beds at the moment.

"PD-Nim will find us for sure, right hyung?" I hear Jungkook's worried voice through the sheer curtain. I shiver at the thought of them being trapped in America, not being able to understand a word that anyone says but each other.

I should really pull myself together soon...

"Th-the'yre p-probably already-y looking," J-Hope stutters miserably.

I stare into my hands while curling up in the very back corner of the cubby. Although the space is small, I'm quite thankful for it since I find comfort in small spaces. Sort of like if the responsibility is small you can handle it with no problem.

"What time is it? When do you think they'll come?" Jimin asks frantically. I here footsteps slowly coming towards the curtain and instantly flinch when they open to reveal Rapmonster.

He almost looks angry as he holds his hand out to me, "Come on, get out of there,"

I reluctantly accept his assistance and find myself in the dusty old room again. My bare legs are covered in goosebumps and for once in my life I actually wish I didn't make an effort to dress up today.

"Nows not the time to cower in a corner, we need you," He looks down at me.

"Namjoon hyung, take it easy on her. She can't understand us, remember?" V defends me but I just shake my head.

"She can understand us," Rapmonster rolls his eyes, "that's why we need you. You need to translate for us if we ever want a fighting chance,"

"What do you mean she can understand us?!" V exclaims, clearly having trouble catching on.

"Korean is my second language," I whisper, bowing my head, "sorry for lying,"

"Yah!" Suga quickly steps to me while lifting my head, "never bow your head for anyone or it'll become a habit. Namjoon is right, we all need to stay collected! Don't let those punks scare you,"

"But they have us locked in a room-"

"Jungkook-Ssi! Don't even try to argue it," Suga shuts him right up.

I close my eyelids for a second to take a deep breath in before exhaling. Just as I'm about to open my eyes the door comes swinging open, slamming into the wall to reveal Peter and his fellow henchmen.

Before I know it I'm cowering behind Suga who is quick to pull me up straight. I have absolutely no idea where he is getting his sense of courage from, but I sure hope he keeps it.

"Goooooooood morning my friends," Petter smiles widely, cueing one of his men to lock the door behind him.

All eight of us stand shoulder to shoulder, not daring to move a muscle or else we might get attacked or something. I can't help but blink rapidly as Peter continues to walk back and forth examining us.

"Kim Taehyung, Kim Seokjin, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Min Yoongi, and finally Kim Namjoon; Fluent in English as well as in the top 2% in Korea for testing,"

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