Hey you out there, I'm Fray and I'm not your typical blogger. I'm also not one of those bloggers that say that they are extraordinary, if they really aren't. Boy, I couldn't be normal if I tried. Especially with that family tree. I was something else from the day of my birth. Kinda happens when your parents used to hate each other. I know, nothing special, but I'm not done telling the story. My father used to bully my mom, still nothing special, but here is where it becomes special.

16 years ago, my grandma got married to my grandpa. That was when my mom was just 16, making me the kid of a teen mom, still not the special part. That part comes now. My grandma is not only my grandma. No she is also my step-grandma and same with my grandpa. How is that possible? Easy! My mom is the daughter of my grandma and my dad the son of my grandpa, making them step-siblings. Still sounds cliché to you?

Well, their lives could have been almost perfect, if it wouldn't have been for their eight brothers or the psycho ex of my father who spend six years to break them up. But she failed miserably because that weirdness only made them stronger, which made me stronger. Which made me who I am today. Just tag along as I tell you the story of my not so normal life


I closed the laptop and got up from my desk, walking down the stairs where my parents were sitting on the couch, cuddling and talking "I'm going out. Hanging out with Evie and Ronnie. Evie wants to show off her new hair color. She's has newly black hair" I said, as I put on my shoes. "Okay, but don't stay out too late. Got it?" She asked. "Of course not mom"

Just 15 minutes later I arrived at the park, where my twin besties were already waiting for me. "Hey" I said and briefly hugged both of them. "What do you think?" Evie asked and swirled around "Better than the blond, right?" She asked and Ronnie and I agreed on that point.

"So, what is going on with the boys?" Ronnie asked. She had become a boy crazy teenager. "Not well" Evie said, while my face had a huge smile "But you don't seem to have any boy trouble" Evie said and I blushed "What's his name?" Ronnie asked curious. "It's Lars" I told them with a smile. "The Lars? That used to bully you when we were younger?!" Evie asked, not believe I just said that name. "Yeah, I mean why not? It's how the story of my parents started"

"Yeah, but your dad actually is cute!" Ronnie said and I was kind of disgusted "Gosh! Gross! He could be your father Ronnie!" I told her as we walked past the soccer field. "Isn't that Lars over there?" Evie asked to change the topic. Apparently she found it just as creepy as I did, that Ronnie found my father cute. "It is him!" I said and walked to the fence to watch him and some friends play soccer. "Who is he with?" Ronnie asked, trying to identify his friends.

"One of them is Brandon Fitzgerald. The one with the dark brown hair and black shirt" I said, moving on to the next one, trying to figure out who it was. "Brandon is so hot, don't you think?" Ronnie asked and I rolled my eyes "My mother and his hate each other, so I'm not getting close to him" "Come on Clary"  Ronnie said. "Not gonna happen. Oh and the other one is Jesse. A bad boy from my grade"

We watched them for a while, until Lars noticed us and came over. "Hey Clare" He said and briefly hugged me.

Oh and by the way, I started calling myself Clary, since Promise was too extraordinary for me. Don't get me wrong, I love that name, but sometimes you just don't want to be the center of attention. Especially when your parents are step-siblings.

"Incest child" Jesse said and I wanted to hit him "My parents aren't related, so you are talking crap!" I defended my family. "Hey, Jesse, cut it out!" Lars said and put his arm around me. "Whatever" Jesse said in his British accent, walking away, leaving behind Lars and Brandon. "What's up Copeland?" Brandon asked. "Not much Fitz" I said.

Brandon has a habit of calling everyone by their last name. "I'm Ronnie" She introduced herself, without being asked to. "Hi" Brandon said and turned back to me and Lars. "I'll call you later?" He asked and I nod. He kissed my cheek and ran off with Brandon. "I'm so gonna be Mrs. Fitzgerald one day" She said dreamy, while Evie and I just walked off, leaving her behind. It took a few minutes until she realized that we had walked away from her.

"Hey, that was mean!" She complained once she had caught up with us. "So?" I asked, having my arms hooked with Evie. We walked for a while along the little lake this park had, when I noticed my phone vibrating. I took it from my pocket and saw that I already had a couple missed calls from my mom and some not so nice texts. "I gotta go" I said and freed myself from Evie "My family might or might not be at the dinner table right now" I told them, while already walking towards the exit of the park. "See you at school" Evie yelled and Ronnie just yelled a "Yeah"

I ran the rest to my house and stormed in, having the eyes of my mom, dad and brother on me. "Uh, you're in trouble!" He said and I showed him my tongue, which he returned. "Promise, just sit down and eat your dinner. We will talk about this later!" Mom said and I took my chair next to my annoying little brother "I did mention I want to be called Clary, right?" I asked and my mother gave the don't-even-try-it-look.

I let it go and just ate my dinner.

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