Jeddah Knowledge Model United Nations (JKSMUN)

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During the first day, DJIS delegates rose up to present their opening speeches. Each delegate would clarify her country's stance on the assigned topics. Later, all delegates began to form groups to discuss their solutions. Resolutions were crafted and sent to the chairs to be debated the next day. At six P.M., the session was seized and delegates looked forward for the next conference day. Day two, though, was even more intense. Resolutions were projected, and the delegates were eager to begin the debate session. After roll call, each and every individual in the House worked hard to collaborate and vote for the best resolution. The third and final day was personally my favorite. Delegates worked the hardest to wrap up all three topics and head down for the closing ceremony.

I would like to proudly say that eight out of twelve winners were Dar Jana students. Again, we would all like to thank DJIS for this wonderful experience and sincerely hope to take part in more MUNs next year!

Written by: Mira El- Mir

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