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Special thanks to Dima Arafat and Hala Bedaiwi for their endless struggles with the magazine in your hands.

Hala Bedaiwi:

Alone we can do so little, together WE CAN do so much

- Helen Keller

It is fair to say that publishing a magazine is not an easy task. It is a feat that requires consistency, dedication and creativity. Attributes that, I am proud to say, are characteristics of the 2016 Wattpad team. VERBUM II is a student - published school magazine that aims to showcase our students' artistic genius and highlight the school years' most important events. I would like to thank the Wattpad team and students who participated for making this magazine a reality.

Dima Arafat:

At the start of this hectic year, I never thought we'd get this magazine done. I kept thinking "what did I get myself into?" every time it was brought up. With all the SATs and school tests, time seemed to be rushing by. I could honestly say seeing this magazine come together with the help of our team of juniors and seniors, I was overjoyed. With all the responsibilities we had, and trust me they were a lot, we still were able to put this magazine together to showcase students' talents with the rest of the school. Being able to look back at it and see that we managed to do it at such a critical time with our future staring at us is a huge motivation reminding me that whatever I set my mind on could be done with a little faith. If there's a will, there's a way. And without further ado, the Wattpad team would like to present to you Verbum II!

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