Silvana Salame - 10 Blue: Mirror

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You are not the person you see in the mirror.

In fact, it isn't you at all.

What you see in there is just a reflection,

You without the complexion.

I mean, you do see yourself;

Your eyes, your nose, your silly little smile,

your freckles, your dimples,

your pimples that disappear after a while.

This is still not you, though.

The mirror doesn't show you.

You're a star that makes up galaxies,

a grain of sand that forms dunes.

You're a drop of water that makes the oceans,

a tree that makes up forests.

You're a spark that lights the fire,

a breeze that makes the wind blow.

Believe me, you're so much more than what a mirror has to show.

The mirror doesn't show you all the hearts you've and will have touched one day.

It doesn't show you the happiness and the smiles you gave away.

It doesn't show you the appreciation that you have of every day.

It doesn't show you how far you have made your way.

What you see is just the surface;

Not significant at all.

It doesn't show you your adventures in the early fall.

It doesn't show you who you truly are.

It doesn't show you all the wishes you cast upon a star.

It doesn't show you what you're feeling;

It cannot describe your thoughts.

It doesn't know what you've been dreaming of,

it can't show you how you fought.

You see, you're so magnificent,

yet you still fall

for the words, thoughts, and appearances

that aren't you at all.

What I'm telling you is: be yourself,

be the truest you can be,

because you're more than that reflection

that doesn't dive inside your sea.

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