Souhayla Alaa El-Khouly -10 Pink: The Island

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God! Can't I have a break? I swear, every time I want to relax it's like the universe hates me, because something always comes up. I need a vacation, maybe with some friends, maybe alone, who knows? But, I just need time off! Those were my thoughts when I found out that my school was planning to give us even more projects after our one-week vacation.

In that moment, some of my friends and I, specifically two of my friends Eman and Rahma, decided to visit this island that Rahma found on a brochure while shopping. The brochure said that the island had exotic fruits and relaxing activities, like massage. That sounded about perfect in that moment. But what we didn't realize at the time was that on the back of the brochure there was the story of a legend about the island, and the text said:

Deep inside one of its many caverns, the island is home to one of the darkest powers. They say that this power is hidden within a precious gem, and guarding that gem is the island itself. The legend says whoever shall land on the island will face tragedies beyond their imagination.

Upon arriving at the island, tragedy seemed eager to catch up on us. Why, you might ask. Well, our bags were, apparently, "lost" on the way to the island, yet washed up on the shore not minutes after soaking wet. Thank God our electronics weren't in there. Once we finally focused on the island, its beauty made us gasp in awe. There were all types of trees, flowers, and bushes, all in different shapes and sizes. The shore was as clear as the desert with a sea so blue it outmatched the clear sky above . The sea, glimmering in the sun, would've made the brightest stars jealous. We moved on through a crack in the dense forest until we reached a two-story mansion-like house that looked even greater on the inside. Outside, the pathway was made up of colorful cobblestones lined on either side by a neatly cut lawn. Then, there was a porch two stairs high with a swing couch on the left and two woven chairs with a table in between on the right. Inside the house was a winding staircase that led to three rooms, each with their own bathrooms. Needless to say, we collapsed on the beds the moment we saw them.

Thenext day, we woke up and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. After that,Eman went to take a shower while Rahma and I sat in the living room planningwhat to do throughout the day, when suddenly we heard a shrill scream fromupstairs and faster than lightning we saw Eman running down the stairs wrappedin just a towel and panting, asking us why we were screaming, but we weren't.We heard the scream again louder this time and realized that the house itself seemed to be screaming. Pansstarted clanking in the kitchen. Doors opened and closed on their own accord as if the house was kicking us out, and we didn't need to be told twice. We ran upstairs covering our ears with our hands, trying to block out the screams, and packed our belongings as fast as possible and ran out of the house.

We started running back the way we came, but it felt like we were going in circles - going through a path just to end up back at the mansion. Rahma was fed up and decided we go through the forest, and that's what we did. The whole time I felt like we were being watched. It seemed like the trees had eyes that were boring onto us. Finally, after a lot of panicking and paranoia, we found the shore. Wasting no time, we requested to be taken back as soon as possible, and we must've sounded horrified, since the man didn't waste any time in getting us a boat to take us back.

In conclusion, that trip wasn't as relaxing as it should've been, and it taught me to always thoroughly read the whole brochure. I just hope nobody makes the same mistake we did...

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