Dubai International Academy Model United Nations

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At 6 P.M., we were on our way to the opening ceremony at the American University of Dubai ready to meet all the delegates who we will be collaborating & communicating with for the next three days in their respective committees. The opening ceremony was precisely scheduled and extremely worked for. We listened to great men talk about their struggles to success, watched several plays and musicals, and observed the Secretary General announce the official commencement of the conference.

Day two, the process repeated. Delegates passionately debated, hoping to truly come up with the best solutions. Each and every resolution was meticulously read and analyzed while several amendments were submitted. All of the Dar Jana participants were recognized at least once and deliberately participated throughout the conference. At six P.M., we all headed home to get ready for the social event hosted by DIAMUN. We reached the hotel at eight for a formal dinner and enjoyed the lovely food & weather.

This MUN has greatly widened my horizon aboutthe world and its problems. I learned about the suffering countries we hadforgotten to support. I learned about the victims the media has us neglect. Butmost importantly I learned about the many distinct cultures around the globeand about the many different traditions people followed. I sincerely ask allstudents to take part in any MUN conference available for knowledge about theworld is one you will use forever. 

Written by: Mira El Mir 

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