Jood Jamal: What is Freedom?

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What is freedom?

Why is it important?

Is it worth fighting for?

Why did people die because they wanted freedom?

Is it something to die for?

Is it still?

Did they gain the freedom, their freedom, as they say?

Is it only their freedom, or everyone's?

Who is going to answer all those questions? Is this what countries and nations and people have been and still are fighting for?

Is this what Martin Luther King Junior had fought for?

Is this why Rosa Parks refused to sit in the back seats of the bus?

Is this what Nelson Mandela had fought for?

Is this what Palestine and Syria are lacking?

Is it what many of the Arab countries were lacking and still lack and fight for?

Is this what one million people in Algeria died fighting for?

Is it also why 60 million people died in WWII?

All those innocent lives, all those infant souls that have died fighting; did they deserve to die?

Were the deaths of 11 million noncombatants killed by the Germans something they deserved?

Did the Israelis have any reason for killing almost 11,360 innocent lives that died fighting for freedom?

Did all those people and nations and countries have the right to kill many crimeless families, children, teenagers, and old people?

Did they?

What is freedom?

What is it that numerous people have fought for?

Freedom, my dear reader, is the quality of being free. It is the liberation from being a slave, the state of being released.

That is freedom, and that is a term that needs to be taught to all the 7 billion people living on this planet.

This term should be taught to all people who carry some pure mercy in their hearts.

This term is what many people have died and wished for: Freedom.

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