Reading Festival

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    For the promotion of the Reading Festival, wethe juniors of 2k16 threw a show-stopping performance. During the morningassembly of March 8, 2016, we had two hosts present a Pecha Kucha aboutinteresting good reads and educate the audience of the perks of reading and theobjective of the Reading Festival. The two hosts were open to questions oncedone with their presentations, and so they did get a surprising query that wasnot in favor of reading! Little did the audience know that they're in for aplanned treat, and seconds later, they heard the loudest "R", followed by an"E", then an "A", and finally a "D" as tens of juniors walked out of the fourgym doors and performed a reading-related cheer. Yes! We have, in fact,executed a flash mob that caught teachers and fellow students by surprise. 

    The day of the festival finally arrived as wejuniors were responsible to host the event we've been planning for months now.The Reading Festival venue, Gym 1, was well set up with a yellow brick roadacross the floor and a huge tree serving to set this year's theme, The Wizardsof Oz. A tent was also set up for a play enacted by a group of Grade 11students. A total of 17 amusing booths, which were well decorated and prepared,engaged students of all grades throughout the festive event; most participantsexcitedly used their 45 minutes to play as many games as possible, collecttokens, and win gifts. As for theprizes, we had books from a conducted book drive and snacks from our kindsponsors: Gusto Bakery, Munch Bakery, and Sweet & Savory. 

    The 6th Annual Reading Festival cost the greatefforts of students and of the English department. Despite all, the objectiveof the event defeats all challenges. Without question, reading is thefoundation of whatever success a person strives for!    

Written by: Solara Zidan

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