Nadeen Hassan - 10 Pink: Mircum

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It was summer time, and everyone was ready to enjoy their vacation. Father came that one evening with pictures of what seemed to me like an island. He told us that it was located on the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea at some place called "Mircum". A moment later, I recalled that my Latin teacher had told me about the meaning of Mircum a few weeks ago : Mystery. A bewildered feeling came up to me, but the idea of an island meant nothing to me but fun.

After packing our bags with all excitement, my family and I headed towards the seaport for a long journey to the island of Mircum. We were so excited that we actually reached the port faster than ever. A few hours later, we were all in the ship waiting for the engines to be switched on. The scenery of the white, beautiful clouds and the waves welcoming the ship was all so marvelous and secure. Three hours after the ship's sailing, the pirate announced that we arrive at the island within two hours from now. Nothing was ever better than the calming breeze, and the sunshine warming our screen; it was all so beautiful that I didn't even feel the long ride.

Looking out of the window after a short nap, I saw an island at a short distance from the shore. It looked so big and was filled with a massive number of trees and flying birds all around the place. A feeling of enthusiasm drove down my spine. It just felt so great having such moments present in my life. As everybody descended from the sip, I got my suitcase and headed to a good spot under the shade of the tree. I had a look over the island and all my eyes were ever eager to explore was the forest by the other end of island. It seemed so mysterious just as it was described.

It was nighttime and everyone was by the fire. I decided to sneak out while no one was looking, and went towards the direction of the forest. I had a torch in my hand and an apple from the lunch appetizer and ran towards the big braches of the trees. Everything looked dark and evil-like, but my curiosity led me to do the impossible. Sounds of owls, birds, snakes, and the crunching of the leaves all made my excitement drop. It wasn't the exploration journey I pictured in my mind. I looked back to find myself in a maze I hadn't planned to go through. Running here and there trying to find a way to escape was useless. I felt hopeless and regretful for going out alone. I closed my eyes. Snakes passed by trying to poison me, and wolves ran across trying to hunt me. I was the prey of a lonely forest in the middle of nowhere with no weapons to fight with. I tried changing my direction, hoping for survival, but all that came across my head was the sound of death.

As I limped on my way due to my exhaustion, Ifelt my way down a hole, a secret hole that nobody knew about. Looking aroundwith my lit torch, I saw pictures of humans. They all looked so familiar to methat I actually decided to get closer with my shivering feet. Pictures of myMom, Dad, a few of the passengers onboard the ship we were in, and lastly mewere some of what I noticed. My torch fell to the floor as my whole bodyquivered from fear. I knew that this wasn't a dream, and I also knew that I hadto find a way out of here and tell everyone that they're in danger. Trying tohop out of the hole, I heard footsteps accompanied by evil laughter, as ifrecognizing my presence. Seconds later, I was blindfolded and dragged towardsthe secret hole. I knew that this wasn't only my end but is also to whoeveraccompanied me on this trip because we were traced by evil men who were thereto kill us, but the question that came to my mind was, "Why did they want usdead?", until I remembered that Dad actually had enemies from his old job who wanted money fromhim but he never gave them back.

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