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After passing the auditions and practicing nonstop during breaks for many days, the debaters were exuberant about the final day. The 2016 Juniors' debate, which was held on the 17th of April, had one of the most controversial moot ever:

Should Euthanasia be Legalized?

Debate hostess TulipMaarawi greeted the audience and thejudges with great enthusiasm. The judges - Mrs. Meray, Mrs. Ghada, Mrs. Mayada,Mrs. Sara, and Mrs. Chaza - were thrilled to watch the live debate on the verysensitive topic at hand! Tulip then proceeded to introduce the debaters.Fighting for the legalization of Euthanasia was the "for" team, which consistedof Solara Zaidan, Michelle Issa, Arwa Mutabagani, Noor Abbas, and Mira El-Mir.The opposing team consisted of Sarrah Abudayeh, Farida Khafagi, Malak Krayem, JumanaZaidan, and Leen Rabat. 

Afternearly a month of rehearsing and planning, the debate day finally approached. Aheated debate took place that had everyone on the edge of their seats. Afterall the speeches, rebuttals, and questions were presented, the judges werefaced with a tough decision. With only a difference of 0.5, the "against" teamwon! Since both teams contained very eloquent speakers, the judges couldn't adjudicate only two "Best Speakers". As a result, there were four "Best Speakers": Solara Zidan, Noor Abbas, Sarrah Abudayeh, and Leen Rabat.

 The debate seemed tohave deeply impacted both the judges and the audience for they kept talkingabout it for the coming days! And again, for another year, the debate was agreat success! This was all the consummation of the hardworking debaters andthe diligent efforts of Mrs. Shabana. An immense thank you to the participatingjudges' time and discernment. The debaters were rewarded with a gratifyinglunch at Ruby Tuesday! 

Written by: Michelle Issa

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