Chapter 2

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Staring out my window in the plane. I felt my nerves creeping up on me. I haven't been in Toronto for a long time and im not use to the weather anymore. Its early September and I know to them its still beautiful out, but to me. Well, I might just freeze my ass off.

I took my eyes off the passing clouds that we were flying through and looked at my phone. I was dying to turn it on. Wanting to know if I had any text or missed calls from my grandma. But I didn't want to risk crashing the plane, even if I think it's a myth.  Still, I didn't want this to be the start of my troubles.

My thoughts where scattered and I felt a wave of exhausted  hit me. I had barely slept this week and I guess I had time to shut my eyes till I arrived.

Everything was dull, blinking several time I had realized i was in a dream and not on the plane.  I could see grey things floating down around me. At first I thought it was snow but then I started to choke, realizing there was a thick smoke that lingered around and the grey things were ashes . I started to panic and my breathing quickened only yo make me feel like my lungs were being squeezed. So I crouched down  to catch my breath. I blinked several times to stop the stinging sensation in my eyes.  My  surrounds became clear. i was in the middle of what use to be a fire, my fire. I was  where my old apartment was, everything to ashes. I felt my eyes water but no tears where forming.  This is already a  shitty dream.

So I walked trying to find a  escape. I didn't want to see this or breath in what was left of all my stuff. My memories that I had of my parents. All of it was gone just like that. It reminded me of how everything always went, just like that. It made me feel empty, alone. I ventured further. Realizing I was bare foot and the fresh cool grass between my toes came as  a surprise.  It felt good. I look around, somehow I was in a garden.    I know I've seen iy  before but not sure where. It was large and had beautiful bushes of roses and stone angels. There was a swing hanging from a large oak  tree and along the path sat a stone bench looking out to a pound. I walked along the path, I knew i've dreamt of this before. I glanced across the lake, no clouds in the sky and yet I couldn't find the sun. Just an off grey sky. I heard a noise and jolted around. To scared to move but yet I moved. I saw a leaf by a large rose vine sway, there was no wind. I got closer and before I could look through a boy walked out. He was gorgeous , tall, dark hair, deep dangerous green eyes. He stood in front of me. Staring at me. I was hypnotized. There was no stopping my hand as it  reached out to touch him and ...

I jumped in my seat as I jolted awake. Taking in tha tiw as still ont he plan but it wasn't moving . I looked beside me and the older lady was staring at me like I did something really stupid like snored really loud. I gave her a weak smile and she looked at me weird.

"we stopped" She said and got up and left.  

Wow  how long did I sleep for?

I checked my cell after  turning it on.  2 new messages.

V :Hey Hun waiting by the luggage area, hope your not tired!! 

J: Hey hey missy !! Hope your down for band practice , I miss your voice

I sighed not wanting to face this already, I was hopping to go and unpack and lounge around. Not go to band practice or go out partying. What did I get myself into?.

Moments later I was tackled by screams and a hug. Almost crashing  to the floor.

"Oh my god! I haven't seen you in forever! How you have you been? Did you meet any hot guys in Florida? You wanna go get a coffee ? Or food? Or shopping?!"

I was still recovering from the tackle and not processing anything Victoria was saying to me except coffee.


"yes! I knew you'd say that. Oh my god, you have too tell me everything. I have so much for you too. Here we'll go drop your shit off and go out, we can unpack later."

"um yeah sounds good to me"  I mumbled and let my best friend  drag me through the airport.

We drove to her apartment. Victoria babbled away or more liked yelled over the music. I didn't pay attention, I was taking in that I was actually back here. Back close to my fears, my alone, my home.

Vicky's place was this kind of sketch looking area but it was surprisingly a good area, nothing bad ever happened unless she brought bad with her. Her place was high so you could see the  lake. Still I loved it cause of its roof. We use to go out there and have long talks back or lie there at night and watch the stars come out. We sometimes would go down to the corner for pizza or walk to the near by park. The one good thing I love about Toronto, is that everything was in arms reach. 

We went to the closes coffee shop, being Starbucks. Not my personal choice but coffee is coffee. We sat and I told her about Florida. She wasn't that interested because it had nothing to do with boys or parties. But she jolted up when I told her I had just bought a really sick bass. She told me how excited Jake was to reunite and finally hit it big. 

That's  dreamer Jake.

“Hello ladies!  Mind if I  have a seat ? maybe an autograph?”

“  Morning Jake”  Victoria said  rolling her eyes in a monotone voice.

 He  ignored her and came over to give me a  tight hug. “ Welcome  back !  How was  your flight?”

He sat down in front of me and  clasped his hands together, ready for my  big long story.

“Its was ok, just a flight. You sit there look out the window, get  bored , hear people snore. Nothing too great. Whats new with you ?”   I'm the best at telling stories

“ Wellll.... I got time for us later to  go jam, that  is, if your not tired?” He of course changed the subject.

 They both looked at me  with puppy dog  eyes.

“ I'm not tired” I sighed and  took a sip of my  coffee  hoping  they'd  get the  idea  that  I'm completely jet legged. But of course to them tired wasn't even a word.

We talked, caught up and finished our coffees  almost  2  hours later.

We split  from Jake and  reached Victoria’s  place.

She went  and  lounged on the couch after  showing me the room she set up for me, which use to  be her closet.  This girl had so  much clothes its ridiculous.  Without  questioning her  on where she put all her  clothes  I started  to unpack.

Its was an ok room, it  had its own  bathroom and  the view to the lake.  I  knew this room all too well, it was the room  you could  step out  on the  ledge  and either  sit or  climb to the  roof. Even though there was a door  to the roof and her place had a balcony.  We never did things the easy way.

I sat  my  bag with  all my clothes aside and took out  my laptop.  I hadn’t  listened to music  in awhile and was in desperate need for some  tunes. Maybe  it would  perk me back up.

It was  about  4pm when I heard  Vicky  from the other side  of my door,  opening  it first then knocking as she came in

“ Knock  knock , how’s the  boring chore of unpacking going? Down for some sushi ?  Or  head to the studio first then  dinner?”

I leaned back from  inside my closet.

“  Studio? Might as well get it done and over with. I need to get  to bed early tonight so  I can  hitch a ride  with you  downtown tomorrow and  apply. Sadly  I need a  job”

“  A  job? Already?” She looked at me like i was crazy. While i just stared blankly at her.

“ Ok, ok  but  i'm glad  you said  studio  first. I'm too excited to  think about anything else,  let alone food!”

She  left and  I  pulled  out my black  skinnys and  slipped on a  hoodie ,knowing tonight would get chillier.  Not even  fully  zipped and  Victoria  was  yelling from the door to hurry up.

 I let out a sigh and headed towards the front door.

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