Chapter 4

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In class  I kept  playing over  what  happened and how I made myself look like a complete  idiot  in front  of this guy. Who just so happened to look similar to the guy  in my dream. Was this a sign? Maybe it was time for a boyfriend? But I don’t  want a guy messing around with my schedule. Everything is running smoothly in my life for once.

Not realizing that everyone was packing up and leaving the class I sat there until a girl tapped me on the shoulder.

"Class is over" She said in a small voice. I looked around to the empty class. I must of been that out of it not to even remember what the lecture was about. 

 Crap!  He’s already  messing with me. That''s it! No boys.

I ran to the subway  not wanting to  miss my train and having to wait a dreadful 3 minutes for the next one. I just want to go home. I made it just in  time and I squeezed  into the doors as they were closing.  I tried to  fix my bag  from falling off my shoulder while holding my massive books in the other.   Sadly I had no time to shove in my bag  as the subway shot off. 

 I struggled to lean on the glass divider and  put my things away when I stopped  dead  in my tracks. He’s here ?  on the train? Is he stalking me  now!? 

I heard the next stop being called and waited  impatiently  for the doors to open so I could escape.  Ducking my head down  so he wouldn't see me, I rushed out trying to see if he spotted me.  Sure enough he stepped off the train the same time I did. Quickly i turned around and shoved my way back on. Three  younger  kids looked at  me like I was  nuts. 

“  wrong stop” I shrugged


Victoria was out when I finally reached home.  I was  a bit  relieved.  I didn’t  want to tell her  what happened today. Why I was on the verge of hyperventilating.  She'd make a huge fuss over  it and stalk me at work for sure.  Plus I didn’t want to hear her  moan about how shitty she feels  and then be dragged back out  tonight because this  hot guy  texted her.  I  went to hide in my  room until this passed. I laid there  on my bed  feeling exhausted and confused.

 I bet  its nothing just a  coincidence. Toronto has tons of young adults roaming around. It's all in my head. Yeah, im over thinking all of this.


A few days passed and  it  was  Thursday night. Everything  seemed normal. There was no sign  of the mystery man in days. So my  paranoia  was  on the low.  Though, Victoria was dragging  me out to another  bar.

We walked down the street till we  ended  up in front of the  Phoenix night club.  I wasn’t drinking  of course, and had a  midterm due tomorrow that I wish wasnt due,  but  I guess I needed a  break.  I had  on  my  black heals with a  black  mini skirt and a black pin up corset from Hot topic.  Victoria  had on a  one piece  dress that  just  hugged  under  her  butt , with  stilettos.  She had already  pre drank  in the car. Tonight shall be interesting.

We got  in and  the music was loud and  pumping,  I always did  love this  club. 

A few  rounds in, and Victoria had made friends with a group of boys. I went to  order  another round and a  pop for  me when I  noticed standing not to far away that guy. Not  realizing  I was staring  at him  until the bartender started poking my arm to  show  me  my drinks where  sitting in front. I quickly  glance over again and he was  looking. So I gathered the drink and quickly walked in the  crowd.

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