Chapter 9

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Few days later I was working an afternoon shift. I was glad to have this morning to lie in bed and not have to be out and about so early. I had this week off from school and with this shift I was sure i wouldnt bump into, Mr. You know who.

It was now Monday and what that jerk said to me was still replying in my head.

I had to get away.

Though, after driving home with Jake passed out in the front I felt my paranoia hit. I hadn't noticed that with him beside me on the roof , it was just gone. When I was around him I just left better. Maybe because I was so full of anger around him I just didnt notice. But that night when I heard him and Victoria come home late. I pretended I was asleep. Just so I didn't have to face him.

My stomach turned to knots as I felt him gaze at me on the couch after he carried Vicky to bed. I felt him stand there for awhile. I'm pretty sure he knew I wasn't sleeping, I could of sworn he could hear my heart pounding in my chest. He reached over and put the blanket up to my shoulders. I left his keys on the counter and he left softy . Since then, I hadn't seen him but that doesn't mean I didn't have to hear about him from Vicky and Jake. Like, allllll the time. About how cool and amazing he was. It was starting to get on my nerve and im starting to hate him even more.

Just then I heard a noise from the cash and shot up from staring blankly at my paper. I looked over and felt my throat turn dry and my cheeks flare up in heat.

Damn my pale skin. Damn it!

He smiled and waved. I weakly waved back.

Stupid, stop waving.

" You are going to serve me right? I only have 30 minutes" He looked down at his watch. I came over feeling annoyed, that he was rushing me.

" Sorry I was reading" I said giving him attitude. He raised his eye brow.

" Mmhhmm, looked more like day dreaming, was it about me?" Giving me a wink which made my cheeks burn even more. I put my face down to face the cash trying to avoid looking him straight in the face.

" Eww no, If it had you in it, it would be more of a nightmare than anything" Which was partly true, a few of my dreams of him had been nightmares. I looked up again this time putting my impatient face on and placing my hand on my hip for more of the effect. I noticed something flash across his face he knew I wasn't joking about the dream thing. But it was gone just as fast as it came.

We stared at each other for a bit too long, but it wasn't awkward . He was wearing a fitted white t shit that showed off his lean toned arms and chest. He had black skinnies on and combat boots to match. Scanning up his messy dark hair hung down just enough to hide his green eyes. He looked completely different than all the other times I had seem him. He wasn't so scary today. More breath taking then on the weekend. He looked perfect. Like, the gods had sculpted him and sent him here to be drooled over by women.

This made me feel small and so imperfect. My hair was a mess when i decided to get out of bed today. I didnt even bother with it. My apron was stained with milk and syrup I had poured on my self rather than the cup it's self and to top it off I dont even think these are my shoes.

I saw the way his chest muscles moved as he leaned in towards me and rested a hand on the counter. I sucked in my breath and held myseld back, trying not to reach out and run my hand along his arms. I watched his hand come up to my face and he smiled. My knees literally were shaking. He chuckled as he picked something out of my hair,

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