Chapter 6

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Opening my eyes  I noticed  i was sitting  at  my desk  at school.I  knew  I was dreaming because  I had  reading week and why would anyone want to be around school when they dont have to be .  I stood up and waited. I was alone in the class, it was creepy.  I  walked out of the room,  no longer in the hallway that I expected to be in , but  in the garden again.  Only this  time  it wasn’t so pretty.

All the  flowers that were once bloomed,  were now dried and  hanging  lifelessly .  I walked further.  The  swing was on the  ground. and the  bench  was  broken down the middle as it laid in the mud.  The green  grass was more  like pebbles and  hard  dirt  on my  feet. The  rose bushes that  grew tall, that once hid the  boy was  nothing more but  vines.  I could smell smoke and  no light  was around.  Nothing but  a  grey  back ground.  I felt a  feeling of sadness  over come me and  I wish that  I was awake.  I felt more alone and  dead than ever.

 I  went  by the bench and  looked  out at where the  pound use to be. Now it was nothing more but muddy circle.  This dream  sucked.  What  could  be wrong  ?  I mean, first time I was here  it was  beautiful , and  I started in my  apartment  after  the fire.  Now  I start  in my  class room and  end  up in a  dead garden?  

Just then something  caught  my  eye.  It  sparkled  in what  little  light  there was..  In the  middle of the dried up  pound. I walked over to it and  knelt down. Pulling  it out  of the soft  earth, was a  necklace.

 I’ve seen this before.   Looking  it over I had defiantly seen this before, But  where?  I  don’t remember . It was beautiful.  The  chain was   a  light silver  and the locket  was like a  pentagram with a  weird symbol that made a  pretty design around a  tiny  heart in the middle.  I tried to  open it  but  it  wouldn’t.   I bet there a  rock  around here. I searched the  ground ,  nothing.   

Suddenly  I heard a noise.  I shot  up.

It could be him,   I  looked around . The  garden  was  gone. I noticed  I was  in  my,  apartment?   I  felt a  shiver down my  spin.  I  never wanted  to  see my  apartment again. It  killed  me  inside  because  I lost  it all.  It’s where  my parents died. I lost everything that felt like home.  I  felt like  I  could  cry but no tears  formed.  A  tiny  sob escaped  from my  mouth when I heard  the noise again. I took a deep breath I went  outside the room.  It came from the  kitchen.  But nothing was there.  Finally  I  realized  it was down the  hall.  In my room. I  tip toed down my hall.  Picking up  the lamp by  the  front door.  And  held  it  like   a  bat. My  breathing quickened. The noise was , as  if someone was wrestling with papers.  I  had  my  back up against the  wall and  I  slowly  peered into my room.  I  saw the back of a  man.  He was in a  white t-shirt and  his  muscles  moved in his  back as  he  frantically  looked  for something.  I  was panicking.

Who  is this  guy  ? And why is  he  looking through my stuff?  I have  no  jewellery  or  expensive stuff.   Forgetting I was  on my  tipy  toes when lost  balance and  hit  my back on the wall with a  thud.  I  shut my eyes and prayed  he  didn’t hear me.  But  nothing happened.  I  turned to look  back in and  he was gone. I walked  in and   no one was in there.  I heard another noise,  like a  big  bang and  I went  running to  my  kitchen.  Forgetting to hide  I  just stood there  the  man was  now  dumping things out of  my drowse and  swearing  under his  breath.  I was afraid  he’d see me notice. It was only a dream right?

I  backed  up slowly before  running back to my room. Hoping the scenery would change.  I got inside and  I saw the boy from my  last dream.  He was sitting on my bed  looking at a  picture   He stood up and  looked at me with those dark eyes. For the  first  time  I noticed they where a  deep green. He smiled, shocking me into place. Was he here for real?  I could feel my  cheeks  turn red.   He was  holding a picture of my family and  I. but why? Was he the one who murdered my parents?  Another bang came from the other room before the smell of fire drifted into my nose.

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