Chapter 1.

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Hey!! So i've decided to post an original.  This is something I've written about 5 years ago. It's kind of crappy, but I've decided to post  it anything, of course with minor fixtures. But the plot i've kept the same.  Please dont copy my work.  Thank you, && enjoy 


"Grandma , are you going to be okay?"

"Yes dear, I don't know how many times I have to tell you. This retirement is long over due and you need to stop fusing over me and live your life. Your so young"

My grandma smiled and got in the van. She sat back  and began to  buckle herself in before turning to face me. I was doing my best to hide my tears. She always  told me to be strong.

"Now when you get to Toronto, call me."  She said in that motherly tone.

" No, when you get to the retirement home, you call me"  I said in the same tone.  My grandmother shook her head and reached out to cup my face. 

"Your so stubborn. Just like your father and also feel the need to take care of an old thing like me."

I sniffled and let out a breathy laugh. It was rare she brought up my father. Probably because she knew it hurt me to talk about my parents. It probably hurt her just as much to talk about her son.

" So I want you to forget your so called job as taking care of me, cause my hard demands are in the hands of other people, and you know demanding I am " She gave me her biggest smile and winked. 

" Yeah I kind a feel sorry for them"   I teased. We both laughed.

" Now Honey, go and have a life of your own. Oh! and stay out of trouble I know how your friends can get" She gave this look like ' I dont want your friends influence you to do stupid things"

" Are you all set Miss.?" The driver announce while butting out his cigarette and hopping in the drivers seat of the  van.

I couldn't hold the tears back any longer. I reached over and hugged my grandmother one last time before we had to part. I know we will always keep in contact but it was hard to go back to my old life. Since the incident with the fire that burned down my apartment almost seven years ago. Life just hadn't been the same.

Forcing myself to let go and close the van door. I took a step back to wave goodbye. As the van pulled away, I could finally let the tears run down my cheeks.

It was hard going back to being alone. I didn't enjoy it before and after the fire i hated it even more. For most of my life I had felt alone. Never really belonged anywhere. My grandma was mainly the only one around. She was everything to me, she was my best friend.  Though, I had two friends but because I moved around a lot. They couldnt always be there. I just kind of gave up on trying to make new ones. I was lucky that  they stuck beside me no matter what part of the world I was in. Now after years of getting over my trauma with the fire and loosing my parents. I was heading back home.

To  Toronto. No matter happened in the past or were I was living, there was no place like it.  Sure Toronto  had its humid summers and  brutally cold winters which was nothing like the beach weather  of Florid. Which  that I was currently living in. At least in Toronto I didnt have to worry about looking bikini ready 24/7

Not like I actually did wear one.   Im boarder line psycho when it comes to body image. Flat chest and no curves to my  short 5.2 height.  I rather not show off my body.   When it comes to it, the only thing I have going for me was music. Back home with my friends, there was also my band. We had formed  it back at the age of 14. As odd as it sounds our 'jam' practices were mainly through Skype lately. Sad i know.

 Can wait to go home.


"You are defiantly staying with me, there's no doubt about it"

" Ok, but seriously Vicky im coming back to go to school and .."

" Yeah yeah, your coming back here to become old. Listen, you have to get over it and live!"

This was my best friend. She never saw past the living life part. You could say she lived it up far too much. With all her partying, and sleepless nights. I was surprised she could even hold a day job. But she was letting me become her roommate and I was grateful for that. So dealing with this was something I had to push aside.

" I'm not becoming old, I just need to start my life. Listen, ill be at the airport tomorrow around 11am"

" Alright hun, Ill be there with a giant sign and a new outfit. Travel safe and I love you"

" I love you too" I clicked the off button and sighed. 11am seemed so far from now. Sitting in the airport waiting for my flight that wasn't for about another 2 hours.

I was traveling from Florida to Toronto. As much as I was excited to go back , it scared me. Its my home but, my old life is there . The life I lost and the life I now had to pick up again.

See, I had left Toronto to live with my grandmother because mainly I had no one else in Canada to take me. I was an orphaned kid.

Both my parents were killed in a fire, a fire that ruined me forever. It was meant for me, I have no proof but I always felt that it was. No matter where I go, I feel like I shouldn't be alive and something will come for me again.

Im in constant fear and paranoia . Over the years i have suppressed it so everyone thinks I was just a normal girl. Finally being 21 I have decided to go back. Hopefully get my life in order. But mainly because my two best friends are there. The only people that get me, Who understand me. They've always been there for me. Since well, ever.

My two  best friends Victoria and Jake. Cant remember how we all met or how long ago  but it felt like fate. Just a couple of small kids with one dream.

We always had each others back even if we are all so different. Victoria is this wild party girl. She has the energy of a cheetah on red bull. Barley slept and always partied.A bit shorter than me but her mouth makes up for her shortness. If anything is to do with boys and parities. She's all over it.  I love her to death , no matter if am in a bad mood or an even horrible mood she always cheers me up. Shes the one im staying with. 

Then there's  Jake. Jake is a dreamer, even when we were all younger he always wanted to be a rock star. He lives and breaths music. The best guitarist I know by far. Hes oldest out of the three of us and always was the older brother figure in my life. He stood up for me against the bitchy girls at school and  was always the first one to by at my side when i was down. Yet Jake did lack in the ladies department, hes too much of a nice guy. Girls like that bad boys, Never understood why. But who am I criticize?. i do it too. Hes very attractive but looks sometimes don't always get you to second base. He works in a  music store and showed me my first band. 

I honestly couldn't wait to see them

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