Chapter 3

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Stepping outside through  the back door  of the studio for  some air and a quick smoke.  I felt  a chill go down my  spin. It felt good after working up a sweat. I was giving it my all tonight, tired or not. I missed this and  was enjoying every moment of it.  It brought back old memories,  I could hear the  other two in the room just  jamming to  random riffs. It put a smile on my lips, one I hadnt been able to do in months. It was always  my way of releasing  whatever  negative  thoughts or moods I was  in . Today  it was nice to feel like my old self.

The smell of  smoke  came across my nose.  Not  from my  cigg  but  like a fire.  I rushed  around to the front  of the building in panic. Nothing.  I ran  to the other side, feeling my heart hammering against my ribs.The  dream  flashed  in  my  head.  All I saw way that  boy and fire all around.  I stopped dead in my tracks  and  felt myself exhale.  It was just this  fat  guy with greasy hair  BBQing on his balcony.

I watched for a bit, feeling stupid. Then decided  I needed to go back inside and join the other two. I think I needed another  intense  round of jamming to this feeling to go away.

 ***** a few days later***

I was woken up by my alarm still  sleepy from the long  night I had. My body felt exhausted after  being  dragged to a  party with Victoria,  who is  like a vampire and  never slept.  I had  only  3  hours at most. I still felt the alcohol on my  breath and reeking from my clothes that I threw  on the floor. I  crammed  my head back under my pillow, groaning cause  I only had  40 minutes till work.  I  rolled  myself off the bed and landed on  my feet, dragging them to the bathroom.   I  wiped the  sleep crusties from my eyes and  gazed  up.  I  looked  like hell.  My  mascara was  running down  my face and my  hair was….  I cant even explain .I  knew I should of  never  teased  it.

Turing on the  hot water  to wash my face and  tried to  yank at  my tangled birds nest looking   hair.  15 minutes  later  my  face was  make up free and my hair was decent

It wasn’t sticking up basically. 

I walked out  searching the flat to see  if  Vicky was  well enough to go to work. I found  her  on the couch.  Or  should  I say  half on the couch and half  on the floor. I tried to pick her  up so she  could actually  lay on the couch  but she swatted me away and  mumbled something. So  I  moved her  legs on the ground , shoved a  pillow under her head and got a  blanket from her  room.  I quickly  ran to get my  uniform  on and do my teeth before grabbing  her  keys from the table and  slipping out.  I knew she wasn’t  going any where so I see no harm in  borrowing  her  car for the day. It had been almost a  month since  I arrived back home and  I  had  a busy  schedule and was use  of working my day shifts at the  small café by the  Docks. My  evening classes and  the  reckless nights with Victoria.  It wasn’t  my  favorite  but  at least I knew she was safe and  I wasn’t by myself. Only  my morning rides  to work or my subway  to school were  my  fearful moments  of the day.  When my  mind wondered. 

It was about  mid afternoon and I was  leaning on the  counter  reading  the  news paper  while sipping  on what  had to be my  third coffee of the day. I yawned still  feeling the effects from last night.  My  co-worker, Alice  came  out holding food boxes  she  nudged me and  nodded in the direction of the door.  I gave her a  side smile and then looked in the direction she  nodded to.  There  coming up the steps of the  patio was  the  guy from my dream.  Or was a I dreaming?.  

Did  I fall asleep working again?.  So glad my  boss  isn’t here right now. Maybe if I pinch myself... 

"Ouuch" I jumped as i pinched myself.

Okay im not  dreaming.

 He had dark fitted jeans  that  where ripped at the knees  and  hugged perfectly  at a his hips,  moving upwards he  had  a  white  tee and an  unzipped  hoodie that was black with white were the  zipper was.  His sleeves where rolled up  showing the muscles in his forearm as he opened the door.  He walked in and  looked around. Taking off his  sunglasses he  glanced at me , his eyes still as dark and gorgeous as  I first saw them. I was frozen.  I had to be  dreaming. 

The guy gave me an awkward smile.

"Hayley!" Alice yelled in my ear. Making me jump, I shook my head and realized my  mouth was  open.

How embarrassing.

“ I have to  get something from the back”  I stood straight and turned on my heel to the back.

I  stood  against the closed door  breathing  heavily.  I shook my head and  raced over the   monitor to watch through the camera.   Alice took his order and handed  him his  coffee.  He  looked around and before walking to the condiment stand. Seeing  Alice heading in my direction I knew I was going to get it.

“  Dude!  What’s wrong with you today?” She  spat coming through the back door.

I stared at her blankly as she stood there with her hands on her hips, Then at the screen realizing he  took a  seat directly in front of the counter I was  standing at before.

 Alice  looked  over and turned to face me with an evil grin.

“ SO.. somebody  has the hots for mister  big shoot.” she  saw  I wasn’t  paying attention so she leaned over and pinched me.

“ OOuch!  What was that  for?” 

 “ For  not  listening to  me, and  for  leaving me when you  know I have to put the food out.  What’s wrong with you ?”

“ Sorry. I had a  long night with Victoria,  but I cant go  out there”

“Okay, that explains half of it, but  the other half? I mean you where drooling . Control  yourself, no guy  likes a  drooling  slut. You’ll make him think your retarded”

“  Hey!  I didn’t drool, and im not a slut.  But I cant  face him. Its embarrassing now”  I could feel my cheeks  start to  heat up. I couldnt tell her the real reason. She would think im nuts if she knew I dreamt about a guy i've never met.

Alice  signed “Do you want to do food?”  I smiled and nodded  

She handed  me  a few  boxes and  sent  me out. I was hesitant  but I had no choice now. Taking a big breath, I  opened the door.  Making sure to stare directly  in front  of me and not make eye contact. Feeling  his eyes  flicker over to me, I just kept walking.  Suddenly feeling like I was walking stupidly, my stomach turned to knots and I  prayed I wouldn’t trip and make this even  more embarrassing.

 Safely  I  made it.  I tried to concentrate on the food but  kept glancing over.  He left  his seat.  I rose up and  quickly  scanned the room.

Where did he go?

My  stomach dropped when my  eyes landed on the mysterious boy, leaning over my newspaper I had left open on the counter.  Crap!

 Alice came from the back room and  made faces behind him. I made the slit throat hand gesture towards her, but  of course my luck he saw and gave me a confused look.

Just my luck. 

I ducked my head down and carried on putting out the trays of food out. It wasnt long after he left the store.

Ugh! Im an idiot. I cant deal with this.

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