Chapter 8

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As we drove my paranoia rose

Each passing block my pulse pounded harder, and faster. I swear I was going to die before he even got to kill me. It was getting harder to breath and sweat was dripping down my back. Worst part was, he knew what he was doing to me and  was enjoying every moment of it.

Victoria was in the front beside Chase talking to him. I was glad she hadnt noticed me, which obviously she wouldnt with him in the car. Chase how ever,  seemed to keep stealing glances at me through the mirror. He was barely listening to her. Which only made the knot in my stomach tighter and my breathing jagged.

Jake was in the car behind us with our equipment. I wish I could of gone with him instead. It wouldn't bother me to be squished under things, but he refused the risk of  damaging his car or the equipment.

Finally we pulled up to the house, knowing it was the right place since the bass was loud enough to be heard from down the street. The two got out, slamming the doors. Quickly snapping me out of my thoughts. As Jake came up to the side of the car, I finally got out.

“ Hey, actually I change my mind. I'm coming” I announced. Both Jake and Victoria smiled at me and did a victory dance.

“ What changed your mind?” Chase said as he ignored the two dancing beside us.

He was facing me and I had to think of something other than the fact that I didnt want to be alone with him . “ I love this song?” which sounded more like a question but he just shrugged.

“ Tove Lo?, you like this?”  It was Stay High by Tove Lo

I placed a smile on my face “You don’t think i'm the type for this kind of music?” he smiled and shook his head.

"Just figured you were too bad ass for this stuff." He turned and headed inside before I could bitch back.

I was a girl for crying out loud.! Yeah I loved bands like Bring me the Horizon but I listened to dance stuff too. What a Jerk


It was probably 3 hours in and I was outside on the roof . After managing to push myself up here I finally  let out a much needed exhale. It was a great escape from the madness inside and the view was beautiful up here.

I heard the sliding door open and figured it was someone up stairs probably drunk and lost and needed air . But a hand shot up  making me moved back quickly. Not wanting to call out to the person, I kept quiet. Plus I wanted to be alone. Without struggle or much sound I found myself face to face with Chase . He smiled  as a small gasp escaped my lips in surpsie leaving me breathless and frozen.

“ I found you “ He smiled.

“ Me?” I was confused. He was looking for me?

“ Yes you, I was looking for you the whole time, you ran off as soon as we got here.”

“ sorry?”  I didn’t know what else to say.

“ You don’t like parties do you?”

No shit Sherlock.

“ I do and I don’t. But since I came back I don’t feel much like parting.”

“ Whys that ?”

Whats with the questions?

“ I don’t know I just have a lot going on at the moment”

“ That's no excuse, you should want to ease up, your just afraid.”

“ Afraid?” How dare he saneed to ease up.

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