Chapter 7

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The next day I was leaning on the side of the counter drinking my coffee and reading the paper. I couldn’t do much but take orders and cash because my arm was still in the sling.

At least my head was a bit clearer today.

I took what Victoria had to say last night and thought of how it could make sense but I knew it couldn’t be true. This 'magic' stuff, It wasn’t real. I never believed in it when I was younger so why start now?

But I stuck with it because I guess I wanted something to settle my thoughts. I needed a start somewhere, right?

Alice was putting the food out on display hyming to herself when out of no were I saw a hand smack down on my paper.

Jolting up, I found Jake staring at me with wide excited eyes like he had way too much coffee. The dark circles under his eyes told me he hadn’t slept yet. He had the widest grin on his face that made me smile back.

“ Hi?” I started since he hadn't spoken yet.

“ So guess what ?!” He shouted

“ What ?” I responded in a more calmer tone.

“ I found someone, he’s SOOO awesome!”

I stared at him not really knowing what he was talking about. Is my friend into guys now? is Jake gay? Hayley ! what are you thinking?! maybe you need some sleep.

“Your dating a guy?” I lowered my voice to a whisper so no one could hear me. His face turned from happy to disgust.

“NOO!” He squealed that made me jump back in surprise.

“ A bassist! Duh! Since you cant play bass I was working yesterday and this guy came in and we got on the topic and just like that, he’s in! I think you’ll like him” Jake nudged my arm with his elbow. I smiled at him, the best one I could fake since he had gone out and found someone without us.

But... but I'm the bassist.. How dare he go and find someone to replace me.

“ He’s cute and single. He’s not from the city either.” Jake went on.

Jake stared at me, trying reading my face. When I could no longer hold my fake happiness and my smile vanished.

No one takes my spot in the band.

“That’s great Jake. So when are we meeting him?” I blocked out my thoughts and pulled a smile back on my lips as quick as it had slipped away.

He gave me a questioned look but decided not to ask. I know he knew that I wasn't too happy but also knew that if he asked me why, this new guy wouldn't be in.

“ Tonight !” he smiled even bigger showing his perfect teeth.

I didn’t really want to tonight but I was stupid enough to respond.

“ Awesome! Wait? What’s his name?”


Victoria and I walked down the street towards the studio. She went in without me, while I finished my smoke. Supposedly Jake and the new guy were here already.

I still couldn’t get my mind off my dream,and this new guy. After Jake told me his name all I could think of was my dream int he garden.

Why does this new guy’s name sound so familiar ? i've never met a guy by that name.

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