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Chase Pov.

Now what should I tell her about my car?'"

Hey Hayley, so I just kicked the giant canine problem you had lurking outside your building. Its no biggie , its my job.

No, that would scare the crap out of her.

So someone stole my car?. Pfft Who steals from me. It broke down?, yeah, I guess that would work? These mundanes believe anything you tell them.

I walked up to the clearing across the street from her building. I had a feeling id be late tonight so I came early, just to patrol. At the café earlier I picked up a demon scent but I didn't sense it in the café, it was just off of her clothing. I could tell that i was making her nervous when I delayed my stay. But you cant just go around telling mundanes you're there to protect them from demons. Still nothing popped up in the time after that. So I guess this date is the next best thing for protection.

As I got closer I could smell the awful stench of a demon or wet dog. I guess it got hold of a down worlder.

It was coming from the large dumpsters at the far side of the building. So I hung up my jacket on the railing by the front entrance and slid into the shadows swiftly. Light on my feet, I had my hand ready on my dagger. Stupid me, I didn't bring my other weapons. But honestly, were was I going to stash them?

I was close to the back gate , seeing nothing but black. Just the smell was thick. Almost making me gag. Sour, fowl , and wet dog mixed all into one. Not exactly what I was planning on smelling like tonight but maybe I was smart enough to bring my cologne. My only thoughts was that it was a werewolf and I had to kill it. I stopped dead in my tracks. Feeling hot breath on my neck. I held my breath trying to wait for the right time to move.

I heard it growl grow from the beast's belly. Defiantly a Werewolf.

I jumped to the side just in time as it swiped one of its paws down towards me. Landing on the top of the dumpster. I pulled out my dagger, realizing this creature was massive. Larger than any wolf I've ever encountered. His eyes glowed with red and the light from the street lamp showed half of his face. This wasn't any ordinary werewolf. It was a two in one deal. Wolf and demon. Some hydrid.

He swung another massive paw towards me, this time I was more shocked by the size of his paw that I didn't have time to jump out of the way. I took the blow and went flying to the wall and slid to the ground. Raising my head to see it in the shadows on all fours ready to pounce. I slowly pulled myself up and half crawled closer to the streets to get a better look at it.

It came out, blood dripping from his jaw, the muscles in its shoulders were larger than any werewolf. This was like a werewolf on steroids. It opened its mouth. Showing he's three rows of razor sharp teeth and a tongue like a snake with two danger ends. Defiantly a demon mouth, but how did a demon cross bread with a werewolf?.

It was getting ready to charge.

Good thing I have a silver dagger today.

It came at me and I stood holding my ground, it jumped up and I ducked down just in time. As it went over me I threw up my dagger cutting it along the stomach.

It landed and whined in pain

" That's for throwing me against the wall!"

It leaped again this time I couldn't duck down so I jumped out of the way. It scrapped my side, cutting my shirt. I could feel it start to stick to me. I looked down.

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