Chapter 5

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I  never did  tell  Jake  what  happened  that  night, only a brief story.  I did how ever managed to  get to my exam and the cops  let   me off clean. I don’t understand  how cops would think after  you saved your drunk best friend,  that you  could be the  one  that planned to  murder her?.  How  stupid does that sound?

I was just  getting out of  my exam. Which I had a feeling I failed. Cause the only thing on my mind  was  last night.  My eyes kept  going out of focus and I think fell asleep with my eyes open.   Jake offered to take me to lunch after my exam but I told him I was probably going to pass out as soon and should go home. Thankfully he dropped the idea and let me be

  The sun was blinding as i walked out of the doors to the school. Despite the awful night I had, today wasnt at all bad. The sun was shining and it was warm enough that I didnt mind the  10 minute walk to the cafe that I worked at.

I walked in feeling the relief that my boss wasn’t in so  I could get a free stuff. Alice eyed me the entire time I had ordered and left to sit out on the patio.  where I now sat smoking and  barely eating my  muffin.    It sadly laid there dissected on its  wrapping.  I watched as  people  passed by  and the  odd  person  walking up the  steps  to  enter the café. 

I was so lost in thought about  last night, I didn’t even see Alice come outside to  clean the  tables and stand  beside me with her  hands  on her  hip.

“ You  know your  going to kill yourself”

I  looked up and instantly  rose my hand to block the sun.

“ What?”

“ Your  cigarettes ,  I  think  you’ve had about  4  since  you sat down, what’s wrong?”

“  Oh... sorry  I haven’t  noticed .  Nothing  I just  failed my exam” I said in a small voice and out my cig out.

“Thats not what’s wrong,  Hayley.  I know what  happened last night  was nerve racking  and  if  you want to  talk.  I have  a break in 10 minuets.” She looked concerned and I forced a smile up at her.

“  Thanks Alice. but I’m  fine.  I just  haven’t  slept yet.I'm really tired"

“  Are you sure? Well maybe  you should sleep  instead of  drinking coffee and smoking?. Then at least tomorrow  I don’t have to do all the work”  she smiled and  nudged my shoulder playfully. I gave a light chuckle.  Realizing  how tired  I really was and  how I  really  didn’t want to work tomorrow.  How difficult life will be now that i have a cast on.

“Anyways,  if your  lonely  your stalker  is sitting  inside.”  I shot  up  in my chair and  quickly glanced  inside , he was sitting in the same spot as  last time. My stomach  flipped and I felt like I was going to be sick.

“ Whoa,  calm down. What’s  wrong with you ?  Its  like you’ve seen a ghost”

“ Sorry , its just ....“ I paused

 “ I think he’s stalking me, he was there last  night at the club too” Lowering my voice to a whisper.

Alice laughed and  put her hands on my shoulders and  lightly  pushed  me back in my seat.

“First of all, I think you need  some  sleep. Secondly,  I think he  likes you, He's too hot to be a  stalker and if he is then  why are you complaining? I'd have him stalk me any day”

 I looked at her  confused and  a  bit nauseated. No way in hell he liked me.

 She laughed “ well don’t  barf on me now”  She  bent down and  glanced at  him through the window.

“ He  told me to go check on you , he said  my  co-worker  looked stoned”

She  laughed  and I  just  sat there with  wide eyes. I could feel my cheeks  turn  red. 

He thinks  i'm stoned? What the hell?  Omg! This cant  be  happening!.

I gave her a  tiny  smiled and looked  down at my destroyed muffin.

 She  picked up my uneaten muffin bits  and  put it on the dirty  plate she was carrying

"I think  you should go and say hi,”

 “Hi?!  He thinks  i'm stoned!”  I shrieked.

“ I bet  he’s just couldn’t think of anything to  tell me. Cause he was afraid to talk to you “  That knot in my stomach was growing and  I wished  I had eaten  my  muffin cause if I did mange to throw up at least there was something to come out. 

I pulled  out another  smoked and  Alice walked away. Still  slightly  giggling to herself.

I peered over  and  I  saw him looking at  me. His  eyes where so dark, it was  hard to read. But  I couldn’t look away. It was luring me in and  the more I stared the softer they became.   He finally got  up and  I  jolted in my seat. He walked over to the garbage and threw out his things.  Quickly, I scrambled to gather my things and  ran.

I was not talking to my killer. Not today.

 I quickly walked down the stairs so it  didn’t look like I was running away but as soon as  I got  out of eye sight,  I ran  down  behind  the building.  It  took me to  this alley. It wasnt the greatest place to be but  I knew on the other side there was a park.  It was the park few streets  over form  Victoria’s  apartment.   I began to make my way  towards the park when my phone went off in my pocket and scared the living day lights out of me.  I carefully  moved my things on my injured are to retrieve it.

Jake: Are you feeling better?

I deiced not to bother texting. In hopes he would think I was fast asleep.  Even if I should of told someone I was in a  back alley way.  With my luck I was being followed right now and  was about to get jumped.

Your over thinking Hayley, just breath. Maybe I should just go to bed

Finally  reaching Victoria's place after literally running the entire time. I turned around to check if i was being followed for the billionth  time. I hurried up the steps and ran into my room, throwing my bag on my desk and flopping down on my bed. The pillows surrounded my head and  I felt my  body melt into the mattress.

My mind was racing but my body was exhausted, soon I was beginning to find myself calming and my thoughts of this mysterious guy  began to fade along with  the rest of the  world.

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