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  All three of us walked in the guild hall with black hoods covering our bodies. The first thing I saw Charles sitting over in the back of the guild hall with an all grown up Wendy and Romeo. They looked around fifteen years old now and they were kissing.

I looked over to Lucy. "Lushee," I whisper yelled entering the guild hall while tugging on her cloak. "Look at Wendy and Romeo." I told her and she did, she squealed too and told Natsu. I rolled my eyes from under my hood. They make me sick sometimes.

  We all made our way to Mira. "Is master Mokerov here today?" Natsu asked her at the bar. She looked up to him with a perplexed expression on her face, probably trying to recall were she heard his voice from before. "Yes he is right up stairs, although he is not in the best mood as of late." She told us, we all nodded and pulled out hoods to cover our faces better. You could see Natsu and Lushee holding hands even with the hoods on., and with Lushee's other hand she was holding down an excited plue. I gave up teasing them about six months after we went to the dragon realm. Eventually they both stopped getting flustered at my comments so it wasn't fun anymore but the dragons kept on trying. And sometimes it worked but not as often as it did.

  Happy stay downstairs while we go to the masters office and explain to him our situation. And remember don't tell anybody about us until the time is right. Reveal yourself to them if you want. Natsu and Lucy told me telepathicly. I nodded as they made there way to the masters office upstairs. After a couple of minutes everyone at the guild had there eyes on me. "So what brings you to the Fairy tail today?" Mira said in a kind voice. I think it's time.

  "Can't a guild member stop by his guild to get some yummy fish?" I asked giving them a hint of who I am. "Wait you sound like a Tom cat I know but he is a cat." Charles said to me in a suspicious voice I chuckled to myself and pulled my hood off. "You really don't recognize me I'm hurt, and I missed you guys too!! You guys all have to give me fishes now! That's the only I will forgive you." I said with a smirk on my face and arms crossed turning my back to them. I can understand why they didn't recognize me though. They only know me as a cat, these days I am almost always a neko except for when I need go recharge my magic power.

  They all gasped and came over giving me a bone crushing hug. I huffed a "can't breathe guys" They all let go of me then something dawned on them. "Wait happy those two people with you were they-"  I knew what they were going to ask but luckily the gods were on my side today Gramps came out of his office and cleared his throat, resulting in the guild to look at him and the two suspicious characters. "Well let's welcome our three guild mates back please, Natsu and Lucy Dragneel." (It was a hint to the guild that they are married) Master said as they pulled there hoods down along with plue 'punn punn'

" (It was a hint to the guild that they are married) Master said as they pulled there hoods down along with plue 'punn punn'

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  We pulled out hoods down to reveal our faces. Over the year I was able to gain control of the demonic side of me, so I looked like I did after I left Lucy and the guild for a year of training one of the worst years of my life. Lucy on the other hand was unable to hide the tattoo of the dragon on her eye and her eyes were still golden brown. I still thought she was beautiful although I wasn't going to deny it I missed the brown eyes I fell in love with.

  The whole guild looked at me then at Lucy. They all had happy expressions. "Yo bunny girl why you look different like its good but you would look better in less clothi-" he said earning a growl from me and a punch in the arm from levy "never mind." He stated as I smirked. Yeah back off my wife you jerk.

  I saw Lucy give me a look and ask "Should we tell them?" She said tapping my ring to indicate what she was talking about. Let them figure it out I wanna see there faces Hehehe I told her telepathicly. I saw her role her eyes as we descended the stairs so we could say hi to our friends. I went straight to ice princess. "Yo Popsicle stick how you been?" I looked at him and he punched me. I smirked "That was one hell of a greeting!" I laughed. "You came back." He said and hugged me I returned the favor. Then me him and Gajeel went to go get a couple of beers. Then the whole guild threw a party in honer of our return to our family.

  *The next day*

  I woke up t next to Lucy with a pounding headache. I could tell she had one too she was rubbing her head with a pained expression, that's when I realized we were both butt naked in my old house that I used to live in with happy in Fiore. The good news is that we were on my old bed. Then she mumbled something about it not being a dream, that's when I got an idea. "You know" I said to lucy who was now awake "We know what we did last night considering we are naked but I wish I remembered it." I said seductively in her ear she lent into my touch. "I guess I'll have to re-create it." I said into her ear.

  I trailed my lips from her ear loab down to her neck sucking on it to create a hickey to claim her as my own. Oh this girl had such an amazing affect on me, like a drug that you couldn't live without. I moved my hands up and down her body, which made her moan. "Natsu" she mumbled oh the way she said my name with such love and admiration. It turned me on I had never felt this way towards anyone. I straddled her I started to kiss her mounds and she arched her back in appreciation. That's when Gray came in.

  "Oh Natsu you are here have you seen Lucy I can't find her-" he looked up and saw our position. My mouth on her chest straddling her with my hands pinning hers down on my bed and both of us naked. Thank god the bed sheet was over our lower bodies. His face was priceless though if we hadn't been just caught I would have laughed. He pointed and screamed "What the hell is this how is it legal!!"

"No gray don't go in-" I heard happy yell at gray coming in our room

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"No gray don't go in-" I heard happy yell at gray coming in our room. Based on Happy's expression he tried to warn him.

  "Can't a guy spend time with his wife around here get away from me and and my wife pervert, Fire Dragon-" but before I could finish Gray was running out of the house with a red face and a priceless expression.

Happy looked at us "Well your screwed." He said with a laugh. "Shut up you stupid cat!" Lucy screamed. Oh boy.

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