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  I walk into the guild a stuttering mess. Erza walks up to me as she pointed her weapon "Speak! what has you stuttering your words?" She exclaims. I try to explain what I just saw but I can't put into words in any language my mind is so jumbled up. By now the whole guild was looking at me with worried faces. I can only imagine how I must look. "Gray darling Juvia and the others are confused about your actions. What happened my love?" Juvia said looking at me with a frantic look.

  I tried once again and the same thing happened. Why can't I tell them? "Let me handle it, I have a card that can show us what is troubling him, then we can solve it." Cana said putting barrel of bear aside for the time being. She then came up to me and put a card on my head and chanted something. Then it was placed on a lacrima for the whole guild to see I widened my eyes.

  -And then-

  After the video played on the lacrima the entire guild was dead silent. Some guys had boners and Gramps had a nose bleed. All the girls had red faces but you could see that Lissana was pissed off.

  "GRAY YOU SAW THAT!" Guildharts said while putting a piece of tissue in his bleeding nose. I nodded and tried to talk it worked this time "did we miss something?" I asked. "Well Lucy Natsu and Happy were gone for a little over a year, we also have no idea where they went or what went on between them in that time period." Erza said rubbing her temples while leaning on Jellal for support with a red face.

  "I am more concerned about the fact that Natsu claimed they were married. And the way he said it was like it was a regular thing to happen to them. I mean how many times can a person walk in on that?" Levy said putting in her perspective of the situation while keeping an eye on Gajeel who was a little too excited. "I did sense a lot of magical power coming from those two and last night. And when master said 'Natsu and Lucy Dragneel' that should have told us that they were married right away but we were so happy they were back we did not pay attention to the detail." Jellal said.

  "We must investigate!" Erza said running out the guild hall to Natsu and Lucy with the rest of the guild not far behind her, they were in for one hell of a surprise.


  After I calmed down from Gray charging in our house me and Natsu got changed. We wore the same outfits we did when we went to the guild hall yesterday without the black cloaks. Although I was hesitant to go back to the guild at the moment, assuming that is where Gray ran off to.

   "Love, I guess we will have to continue tonight." Natsu said into my ear behind me. I hummed in response. He wrapped his arms around my torso and held me close. I leaned the back of my head on his shoulder blade. We swayed slowly back and forth. If this isn't true love then I don't know what is.

  Then I heard a camera click and then the sound of someone falling out of one of our many tree's. Without my dragon hearing i may not of heard it. Natsu heard it too he grabbed my hand and led me outside. Then I saw Mira unconscious on the ground with little birdies circling around her smiling head. And in her hand was a camera.

  "What is the meaning of this." Erza said snowing me a lacrima that showed what happened this mourning between me and Natsu. Natsu huffed in annoyance and I chuckled giving up with my life.
"What's so wrong about it?" I asked that's when the rest of the guild fell out of the tree. "You were about to have sex with Natsu!" Mira fangirled half awake with a worried Laxus attempting to calm her down. "It's not like we haven't before." I spat in her face but immediately regretting it as she passed out again.

  "Natsu get over here now" Erza exclaimed with her sword pointing at him. Gajeel then came behind him and levy came behind me and held up our hands and sure enough our wedding rings were on full display.

  "Care to explain." I gulped.

Natsu's wedding ring

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Natsu's wedding ring

Natsu's wedding ring

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Lucy's wedding ring

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