He is coming

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  "No!" I exclaimed as I slammed my hand on the council table causing paperwork to fly everywhere. Me along without rest of the dragons on the royal court were in human form. Seeing as though the castle was made for us to be in human form with Lucy being half human. "They literally just left to earthland not even a week ago and your telling me that Zeref is coming already!" I said aloud, how is this possible he was not supposed to awaken for a whole five years then take a year to recover.

   "Unfortunately yes, with the way things stand our young rulers have about two years before Zeref finds them and the final battle begins." Grandeeny said scanning her lacrima. "Someone must warn them" someone yelled out. I nodded my head in agreement. "Igneel you will do it you know where the guild is and you are one of the dragons to help build there home on earthland. It seems you are best suited for the task." Metalicana said seriously for like the first time in his life. I nodded my head "Yes I agree if anyone is going to tell them it will be me they are my son and daughter in law."


  After telling Jellal everything it was an understatement to say he was shocked. We had to allow him to use one of our guest rooms. He was currently making some calls to ensure the protection of the guild including me and Natsu. "If you two are our only way to defete Zeref then I have to make sure you live." He put it. Natsu bout had a fit but I managed to calm him down by making him a 'snack' which could have fed a whole village. It amazes me how he is still so lean and healthy by the way he eats.

  Me and Natsu were currently in our room. I was laying on the bed re-reading a book series that Levy gave me a couple years back as a birthday present and Natsu was doing some research on our desk on Zerefs magic. The thing was we knew that he was a dark wizard but we hadn't the slightest Idea if head more then that up his sleeve. Natsu had become interested not to mention good at drawing and paperwork over the year. I know surprising but I'm not complaining it means less work for me, if this keeps up being queen will be easy. I was in the middle of a really good part, Jace was getting really jealous of Clary and Simon, who was now a vampire. Although I found out that a lot people ship those two and, let's just say Natsu's strength was tested. I find myself wishing I lived in there world a lot, full of runes and angles, not to mention the romantic aspects of it. But my life is anything less then boring with me being royal and all that jazz.

  "Hey love why do you read that over and over again you've read the Mortal instruments like a million and one times?" Natsu said to me temporarily taking a break from his research. I was about to respond and go all out on the ship but then I felt a magical energy all too familiar.

  "Igneel?" Natsu said as my father in law came through the portal. "Your highnesses I come with unfortunate news" Igneel said formally. I looked at Natsu with a confused expression. Both of us understood that when Igneel adressed us formally then he's on duty. Natsu nodded his head "well out with it old man spit it out will ya" Natsu said trying to lighten the atmosphere, but failing miserably.

"I'm sorry we thought you would have more time." He started looking at us with a sad expression on his face. "Zeref, the dark wizard and your brother your Natsu. He is expected to come in roughly two years. I wished to be the one to inform you, for you are my children." He told us with a pained look on his face. I knew that he was upset to tell us this.

  I went over to him and hugged him "it's okay that's more then enough time thank-you, and I thank the stars I have you to be there for me you always have." I smiled trying to remain calm he nodded and returned to the dragon realm. Once he was gone I fell to my knee's. Natsu immediately came to comfort me. I felt bad when will I be able to comfort him. He was so strong and protective. I love him so much it hurts.

  -At the Guild-

  "He left in the middle of my performance!" Erza cried with a yell. "Fool!" Exclaiber said at Gray in the distance "Shut up and listen to my legend!" "Shut up and leave already!" Gray screamed. "Ice make Excalibur!" Gray continued "Fool!" Then Elfman joined in "Let me show you how to fight like a real man"

  "Hey lissana" Mirajane said at the bar to her little sister "Have you seen Natsu and Lucy?" "No but they are probably alone and I don't wanna interrupt anything so." Lissana replied with a smirk on her face remembering what had happened not too long ago.

    "Yeah I understand" Mira said but she couldn't shake the feeling that something big was about to happen.

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