Am I the only one confused here?

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I walked right behind Erza as I gazed at the beautiful kingdom. Everything just seemed so majestic. "What are you gonna do about it punk! Huh how do you like torture method number 18 the rib cruncher!?" We all heard a voice similar to Lucy's cry out, I mean it sounded like her but it was way too mean. With one look at Erza we went over to the source of it and found Lucy!!?? There she was sitting on top of an unidentified body.

"Lucy I thought you went to the palace with Natsu for the royal meeting or something??" Jet called out from behind me. "But I'm right here- okay I'm sorry please get off me Luce I'm begging here." All of us just looked at the two in confusion, mostly because that was most definitely Natsu's voice and we just saw him carry Lucy into his over sized castle.

"Um I think you guys got us mixed up or something, I am Lucy Ashley. And this pathetic low life is Natsu Dragion. What -" The one who claimed to be Lucy Ashley said but was inturupted by Levy. "Hey stupid Ashley these punks are the earthland version of Fairy tail. Why you gotta be so clueless"

"What was that you felt chested pyro!"

"Oh you heard me you-" Levy was saying something back but was inturupted by a punch in the face by Lucy Ashley. "Oh it is on you freak show!"

"I see." Erza said next to me "well would you care to explain cause I got no clue what the hell is going on here!" I screamed in her face in frustration.

"Do you recall Mystogan, he was royalty correct. Well from what we can assume he is here for the meeting and he has brought these versions of our friends with him. I'm am sure to show them what there other halves have accomplished." Erza said as a matter of fact leaving no room for questions. I nodded it did make sense.

"Ugh Gajeel are you okay?" Droy asked poking the iron dragon slayers face but not getting a reaction, he was staring at the Edolas version of Levy, with a nose bleed. I sighed that guy was whipped.

"Hi I don't know if you remember me but I'm the Edolas version of your friend Natsu." I looked up to see a wimpy version of squinty eyes said in a scared tone.

"Yes I believe I recall, it is very nice to see you again, but if you will excuse us we must get going, right Gajeel?" Erza said in a tone that once again left no room for question. But seeing as though Gajeel didn't hear her or chose to ignore her she grabbed him by the ear and dragged him with her along with the rest of the guild in tow.


  "Natsu stop acting like a child and sit your ass down on the chair and behave the king you are." I said in Natsu's face as I used my pointer finger to pull on his scarf as he curled up in fear

   "Yes sir will do sir!" Natsu said with a soldier salute

  "I am a women idiot"

   "Now now what else did you expect it's Natsu. Although I pity the future of this kingdom." Mystogan said behind me

  "How are you old friend. It has been quite a while." The celestial spirit king said to me.

  "Yeah it has how are you have you been well?" I asked he nodded but before he could respond to my question Igneel came by.

  "I never thanked you." Igneel said to me while giving me a hug

  "For what really i should be thanking you. You have done so much for both me and Natsu." I said as I returned the hug. By now the Celestial Spirit King had left to join Loke in conversation.

  "Before Natsu found you he was depressed. He was so upset about Lasagna's death he became depressed almost. And he spent more time than ever trying to find me. Little did he know I was with him the whole time. But he saw you and I felt it. His entire life shifted to you" As igneel said this I hugged him tighter

   'Go ahead Zeref come I will end you. You turned my love into a demon in hopes he will kill you but guess what

     It will be me! I will protect him this time!'

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