What's going on here guys?

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  "I will wake up! I will do it for Lucy, happy, Igneel, the guild, and Fairy tail" I thought during another attempt to wake up only to fail. "This is getting really fucking annoying" I heard a similar voice to mine say, I turned around and there he was E.N.D. "What do you want?" I asked him, my voice full of remorse. "For you wake up" then he punched me.

   "What the hell was that for basterd!" I yelled sitting up ready for a fight. "I'm all fired up now!" I looked around me. As it seems him punching me woke me up. "Lucy?" I yelled wanting to see her. I didn't get a reply so I got off of our bed and looked for her. After searching the house I found her in the study reading a book. I chuckled to myself "is it any good?" I asked her in her ear making her jump. "Natsu!" She cried happily and gave me a hug "your finally awake I'm so happy!" I smiled and kissed her pasionatly.

  "Now Lucy I need you to knock me out again." I said pulling away from her and holding up my fist. I owe E.N.D a knuckle sandwich. No one sucker punches me and gets away with it. Lucy looked at me confused but before she could ask me what I meant by my previous statement the first master appeared in from of us. With a bright glow that was like the one Zeref used.

  "First master what a surprise." Lucy said kindly. But once Lucy and I looked at her and realized she was crying Lucy became concerned and asked "hey what's wrong?" While going over to her and hugged her in a comforting manner. 'She would make a great mother'

  "I'm so sorry Lucy, Natsu but you two need to come to the guild immediately Zeref and Larcade is there and he holds Erza, Laxus, and Mira hostage." She said crying  holding onto Lucy tighter like she didn't want to leave her comforting arms"he caught us by surprise I couldn't do anything believe me I tried." I looked over at Lucy she nodded her head and we were off. To go save our nakama, fairy tail.


  Gajeel was unconscious. I tried to help him and the others but I was useless. I couldn't help my family. Zeref had trapped laxus, Mira, and Erza in black bubble like things that I couldn't decipher. Zeref was demanding that we give up Lucy and Natsu to him, or not only will he kill all of Fairy tail, but there kingdom as well. 'What' we all asked but instead of answers all we got were more questions. I was about to give up when I felt it, an immense magic power. It was almost enough to knock me out I stumbled a bit while attempting to withstand Larcades magic. It was intoxicating, his power was pleasure and pain. All the guild members were drowning in either pleasure or pain. I was experiencing neither. But I knew why

  I was still a virgin. This is the one time I thank the gods for it too. Cana, Gray, Juvia, Wendy, Romeo, Elfman, and Evergreen were also unaffected by his magic. And you can guess Lissana was down drowning in pleasure moaning Natsu's name. I looked back at her in disgust. She is married ass-hole back off. "Lucy!" Wendy called out. I looked over to her there she was along with Natsu and the first master.

  "Ah, your majesty's how nice of you to join us." Zeref said "And as it turns out I have a sister in law. You Lucy now that I was unaware of. Why wasn't I invited to the wedding I am quite upset." Natsu and Lucy didn't look embarrassed about any of it they just looked pissed. And Natsu looked like he was gonna punch somebody. And I pity them.

  "I agree father and what also hurts is that mother new about it too. She didn't tell us did she?" Larcade said looking at Lucy and Natsu with a fake mask of hurt. "Who is your mother Larcade?" Lucy asked "nobody except one knows who we truly are and they do not have the ability to be your mother I'm sure."

  "Why I am his father, Natsu his uncle my brother, you are his aunt Lucy due to your marriage to Natsu, And Mavis is his mother and my wife." Zeref said.

   What is going on here?

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