My promise

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  I cut her off with my lips. At first she was still but soon responded by kissing me back. It was gentle, sweet and a bit fiesty like her. There was no way to explain how it felt to finally kiss and feel her with my own hands she was made for me. I wrapped my hands around her small waist and held her closer to me, in response she moaned and wrapped her hands around my neck and played with my neck hairs. I bit on her lower lip as she traced my upper lip with her tongue. I was going to loose my self control she was like a lifeline to me. I took this as an invitation to slip my tongue into her mouth fighting for dominance. I had kissed lissana but it was never like this. This kiss had electricity and passion. I tried to put all my feelings into it. I tried to show her how sorry I was for ignoring her. And most of all how much I loved her and needed her in my life.

  I pulled back much to her disappointment but I still held onto her waist holding her close, never intending to let go, Ever. "I love you Luce now I need to know do you love me too?" I told her our foreheads touching. "Yes" she breathed out "I love you so much it hurts." She said. It was only at this moment that I noticed how thin she had become I moved my hands up her torso and on her ribs you could feel her bones. So that's why she's always wearing long tee's and pants she is not eating I had a grim look on my face for a second,  "That's all I needed to hear." I said as I dove back into the kiss. As I did this a golden mist formed around us. I felt my feet along with Lucy's lift off the ground. I was still kissing her when a bright light surrounded her and her tattoo on her eye and arms now visible. Just like I remembered.

  I pulled back to look at her her eyes became a brownish gold, and her hair became a lot longer. Then under her left eye she had a gold dragon. All down her body you could see patches of blue and golden dragon scales. All in all she was beautiful. I felt myself transform as well but I had no way to check at the moment. Lucy fell unconscious as we floated back down to the ground I held her in my arms and carried her to the bed knowing that she was experiencing her memories for the second time. I layed myself next to Lucy and fell asleep.



   I was in the palace with Momma playing Igneel and Metalica. I laughed every time that they fought with each other. "What did you just say flame brain?!" Metalicana said to Igneel, he was only here for a short period of time because he was spending most of his time in a forest in earthland training his son. "You heard me tin can!" He told him. I was clapping my little six year old hands laughing at them. "Now boys is this the kind of example you want to send to the princess?" My mom scolded the two dragons in there human form. All dragons were required to be in human form on castle grounds because I was half human so I was unable to transform into a dragon although I had the ability to fly with wings. "Sorry Hime" the two dragons said to there queen. She nodded her head and signaled for me to her. I ran to her and sat on her lap in the throne. "I think that it is time to go to bed" she said as I yawned, I nodded my head and went to hug Igneel and Metalica he was gone a lot too he was training his son as well Gajeel I believe his name was, I met him once but I refused to meet up within again. He kept on calling me bunny girl for son reason and I did not like that.

   Neither did my mom.

  -one year later-

   I was in my pink dress that complimented my hair and eyes when Igneel arrived at the palace with his son. He looked around nine years old, he had bright pink hair and a scaled scarf around his neck. My fiance is what they called him. Apparently he was two years older then me and was becoming a fire dragon slayer. The term scared me because I didn't know what it meant, but out of respect I kept my mouth shut.
  "Momma why do I have to meet him?" I asked her. "Well when you are older he will be at your side all the time and will rule the kingdom with you so your not lonely." She said in a gentle voice trying to put it in terms that my seven year old mind could understand. That's when he walked up and we met eyes. He went up to Igneel and whispered in such a low voice that not even my advanced hearing could catch. He nodded at his father and came up to me. We were best friends ever since.

  Over to year that Natsu was staying at the palace with me our relationship deepened and I had to start my princess training. At first my mom was against saying it would cause me to grow up too fast, but I did it anyway. On my ninth birthday we held a ball in honer of it. Me and Natsu danced to the knights. The next day Igneel informed us that Natsu had to leave and go back to training. We cried but understood. Natsu was only eleven and I was nine but we knew that what we had was deep. We hugged as he told me he would come back to me. Then I said "I promise it is you and only you that I will marry, nobody else. I'll die before I break this vow." I said as he left.

   About two years later our palace was attacked and my mother was killed. All the dragons stopped what they were doing all over the universe to help fight. The year was X777 on the 7th day of the 7th month. but before she died she placed a memory spell on me and gave me her earrings. "One day Natsu will find you again and he will have to fight Zeref. Have him remove your memory spell, he will know what to do. Then when the day comes that he and Zeref will fight take off your earrings and fight along side him. Do not under any circumstances take them off before that day and help him fight." She explained as she coughed up blood. She put the memory spell on me and sent me to my father on earthland with no memories of the dragon realm or of her real death. But the worst part of it was I forgot about Natsu.

  I woke up in a comfortable bed cuddled up with Natsu. I had my back against his torso as he was playing with my hair, I knew he was awake.

 I had my back against his torso as he was playing with my hair, I knew he was awake

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I sat up on the bed and put my hand to my forehead. Natsu sat up got off the bed and crouched in front of me and held onto my hand. "Luce do you remember did it work?" He asked me with worried eyes. I looked up to meet his eyes. "I never broke my promise." I said as he picked me up and spun me around "I love you Luce" and we kissed.

   That's when happy came in "You looove him." He said as the rest of the dragons lauphed at our doorway. We joined in as well


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