My stupid, evil, hot, sexy... step brother? Chapter 8

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I woke up at six o clock, without an annoying beeping alarm clock. I'm happy to say I AM a morning person, and have a special built in clock in my head.

Nixon... Well, he isn't on the other hand.

I got up and made my bed, got dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans, evil hello kitty shirt and a pair of hot pink converse.

Making my way to my bathroom, I clipped back my dirty blonde fringe and applied some lip gloss. I tried not to eat all of the sticky watermelon flavored stuff as I walked down the stairs into the kitchen.

My mom was already up making breakfast, my favorite, cinnamon buns.

I started to reach for the first plate she whisked down on the table, but Nixon's big stupid hand snatched it from under my nose.

I lifted up my face to glare into his eyes.

"Nixon!" I cried, as I watched him eat a chunk of MY food. I was about to shout out a string of curses at him and then proceed to kill him with my fork, but my mother cut in.

"Hun, that's Nixon's plate." She calmly said, serving everyone BUT ME.

My step father was seated at the head of the table and my mother was calmly shoveling a thousand cinnamon buns on Nixon's plate

"Mom? Do I get ANY?" I said, starting to get a tad pissed off.

"Oh hunny... There aren't any left." She said, sitting down to eat hers.

I calmly resisted the urge to flip them off as I walked to school, hungry, sad and feeling left out.

Cinnamon buns were my favorite and my mother knew that... Was she going to drop me out of her life just because she had a 'new' family now?

Soon enough she'd probably get pregnant... Eugh.. I'm not a fan of small children. I mean, it was hard enough to take Nixon... Imagine a stinky baby crawling around the house.

I erased the mental image and continued along my walk to school.

I'm being a big baby.. I guess I should be happy for my mom that's she's found someone she loves.

I get into the gates of school, and pass by Janine coldly.

"I can explain!" She cried at me, but I passed by her without a second glance, until she pulled my hand.

"You deceived me, Janine." I said solmnley.

"I know, but I was just..." She began, trying to find the right words.

"You mean you thought he was so hot, you just had to makeout with him?" I said, trying not to start shrieking at her.

Janine stayed silent.

I scoffed, walked away and started gathering books from my locker. I'd be lying to say I didn't miss Janine, and I really did want her back as my friend, but she desieved me and worst of all, she desived me with my step brother ew!

Maybe I'm just... Jelous... Maybe that's why I feel so angry. Because I wanted Nixon's lips on mine, his soft lips connecting with mine.

I shook my head. No way, no way in hell. I'm just on my period or something.

I walked towards my first class, and smoothed out my hair as I started writing down our lesson. By the end of class my paper was filled with scribbles.