My stupid, evil, hot, sexy... Step brother? Chapter 12.2

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I sat across from Nixon, at the grand marble island that sat in the middle of the even grander kitchen eating cereal. The high, barstool chair was comfy, and the kitchen air wasn’t too chilly, but the glares I Nixon was sending me made the temperature seem below zero. I slightly rolled my eyes and continued digging into my cereal. Again, a slight glare settled on my bowed over head. I twitched slightly and restrained myself from throwing my spoon at him. Instead, I opted for a more sisterly approach.

“What it, big brother?” I asked, putting emphasis on the ‘Brother‘. I smiled at him as though I wasn’t upset by his behavior. His eyes met mine, flickering with confusion for a moment before switching back to glare mode. “Nothing, Sis.” He replied in my same tone. I gave him a smile before returning my bowl to the sink.

“Just so you know,” I began, resting my hands on his muscled shoulders and trying to  resist the shiver I was dying to let out, “You can tell me anything. Because I’m your sister, and you should always be open with me.” I smiled and slowly trailed my fingertips down his back, wishing instead of. I got what I wanted -- a slight shiver of ecstasy from him. “Uh, yea, thanks..” He trailed off before muttering something about going out. I bit my lip. This sisterly thing was turning out weird. 

Why was it that I suddenly beginning to regret being his step-sister, and wanting more to be something a little more… Un-sisterly?


Nixon’s POV

Instead of acting brotherly around her, I’m actually starting to simply act like a douche bag. What were the reasons again of why I wanted to be brotherly around her? In the end all I could think about was her and her fingers trailing down my body. Sure, I’d always wanted a sibling growing up, but… In the end Katherine was not truly my sister. She was my stepsister. Plus, I’d already kind of shattered whatever illusion of that when I’d done that morning in bed with her. God, that silky, body of hers entwined with mine was felt amazing. Thinking about it now made my pulse spike with desire. 

I’m totally screwed… I can’t be brotherly with her, but I can’t just walk up to her and start making out with her. I’m still her STEP-BROTHER. Maybe it would be best just to stay away from her for a while… I don’t know, my thoughts are so messed up right now. 



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