My stupid, evil, hot, sexy.. step brother? Chapter 13

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My stupid, evil, hot, sexy… step brother? ~ Chapter 13

Katherine’s POV

Mingling my lips against his, I felt his eyelashes brush against mine. He moaned against my lips as I blushed furiously. I couldn’t help but fall into his warmth as he wrapped his muscled arms around me, pressing me close to his heart.

Nixon pulled away from me.

“You’re blushing,” He whispered, minty breath tickling my already-flushed cheeks. I bashfully looked away from him and intently gazed at a weed growing around the pond. He chuckled as he forced me to look at him. What was he thinking right now? I wondered as his grey eyes seared through me, making me shiver. I bit my lip, slipping my hand into his open palm. 

“I-” He began, but was quickly cut off by the gardener going by, who was currently shaking his head at us. I nervously giggled as I dashed back into the house and quickly into my room. How could I face Nixon? And more importantly, where does this go from here? Wondering about the future seems to plague my mind lately. 

What was he going to say to me?

Minutes shifted into hours, so I curled up on my bed and slept the night away. Sleeping seemed a better alternative to thinking right now. 


Swiping lipstick on, I put on a cheery exterior as I sighed and looked at myself in the mirror. Nixon was facing a lot right now, what with Callie’s death and all. I just hope he doesn’t reject me. I hate rejection. I have poor enough confidence as it is, and I don’t need the hottest male creature on the earth to pummel my heart right now. 

Dashing downstairs I passed by Nixon and out the door. “Uh, Katherine,” Nixon began, looking down. If I was a clueless girl I would have said he looked bashful. But I wasn’t. “Look Nixon, I get it. Your emotions were running high and I was there for you. You don’t need to say anything, I understand. You just made a mistake.” I walked out the door and onto the Yellow Limousine. 

Which is a deceiving  way of me saying I was getting onto the school bus. 

Nixon’s POV.

Katherine’s words left me feeling pretty empty. There was so much I wanted to say to her and she just blew me off. I might even love Katherine. 

And by me saying might, I mean positively love Katherine. 

I couldn’t deny it. Someone like Katherine exists only in dreams, yet here she was, in all her glory thinking I wasn’t into her or something. I ran out the door and quickly drove to school in my car, practically killing every pedestrian that walked in front of my car. Pulling into the car parking lot, I slammed the door shit and ran to Katherine’s locker. 

Luckily, she was there still, slamming it shut as she turned to me with her doe-like eyes. “Katherine,” the word got stuck in my throat as I approached her. “Look Nixon,” I cut her off with a harsh stare. “Katherine I love you, regardless what you might think. I need you.” I pressed her hand to my heart and swooped her in for a kiss. 

Cheering went on in the background, but I brushed it off. “Thank god, the sexual tension between those two practically suffocated me,” One passerby mumbled. 

“I love you too Nixon.” Katherine whispered into my ear as I smiled. 


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