My stupid, evil, hot, sexy... step brother? Chapter 7

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Katherine's POV

I groaned, scrubbing my eyes and looking around me. How did I get here?

I got up, using my elbows to prop myself up. Taking one look at what was beside me, I immediately screamed.


Nixon happily smiled in his sleep, and cuddled closer up next to me.

Was he freaking deaf? Or just brain dead? Maybe both.

I shoved him off my bed, grinning when I heard a plop on the floor. Hard wood flooring probably didn't help his already few brain cells.

"What the hell woman.." He mumbled, sounding half asleep.

"Get out of my room." I sternly said, squinting my eyes at him.

"YOUR room? This is MY room little girl." He sneered.

I looked around the tan colored walls and sniffed the husky cologne scented air.

Oh.... Oops.

"I remember in the night, you just begging to be let in. You should be thankful. I even let you cuddle with me." Nixon smiled devilishly, acting like a good citizen.

"You drugged me. I know it." I replied stiffly, lifting my nose up slightly to get a wiff of the air. Yumm...

"Nope. I didn't have to. You were already obedient." He softly said, sticking his head into my dirty blonde hair.

He was so close to my skin, and a re-play of what happened in the bathroom was flashing through my head.

It would be so easy to just grab him and kiss him, smell him and his delicious aroma. It was far too tempting.

His warm breath tickled my neck and his hands were wrapped gently around me. If I just turn my body around, we'd be cheek to cheek.

Or mouth to mouth...

Stop it. Stop it... I chanted in my head.

I slowly got up and silently escaped the room, running back to my bedroom.

Talk about re-living the past!

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