My stupid, evil, hot, sexy... step brother? Chapter 6

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Chapter Six~

Nixon's POV

I stared at the bathroom door blankly, the image of Katherine running away from me still replaying in my mind. I slowly slid down on the floor and ran a hand through my hair. Closing my eyes, I tried to get Katherine's face out of my head.

There are more hot chicks out there! There are. I mean, I'd been out there having fun with them, partying with them and... Well, something else with them too.

Katherine was just my stupid step-sister. She's a forbidden fruit. Or whatever the hell they call it. I don't even like fruit! So there, it's obvious I don't like her.

She even SMELLS like fruit. All sweet and tangy and... I shake my head and get back up, straightening my pants out. Walking out of the bathroom, I stop by Katherine's door and try to eavesdrop.

Hmm... The door was too thick to listen through... But I could almost taste scheming in the air...

Whatever, Katherine's most likely playing with dolls or something.

Katherine's POV

Nixon's listening in on me. I know it because I sense his sexiness on my hot radar.

Just kidding! I hear his stupid feet making a bunch of noise. Does he actually think he is good at spying or something? He's such an oaf.

I roll my eyes and continue clicking the shiny keys on my computer.

Now, let's get some things straight. I'm pretty good at digging information up on people, finding their weaknesses. But as for blackmailing them and humiliating them and scheming, well, I'm not so good at that part.

Or lying. I'll crack a smile and then it's completely obvious I'm lying.

I find some info on Nixon, and urgently click on the link. I scroll down the page and soak up the information.

Model at ten years old, mother died in car crash-Wait, what? I thought his father was divorced.

I scroll down a little longer and read up on more things that happened in his teen years.

How the hell does this site have all this stuff? It's not like Nixon is famous... He's just a stupid model. People are so stupid to make a page dedicated to him. (I'm guessing tween fans made this page for him, due to the little hearts swirling around his name)

Nixon slowed down on modeling at age 15 (he's 17 now) and by the looks of the pictures I'm seeing he was always a playboy.

I near the end of the page and see that around age 16 he supposedly fell in love with someone named Callie Kim, a bikini model and after that not much was heard about Nixon, or Callie.

I find that very strange, seeing as Nixon isn't acting like the dedicated boyfriend.

I Google Callie Kim and find some headlines.

Callie Kim becomes the girl friend of Nixon Smith

Callie Kim is to have an ad campaign contract with Maybelline New York.

Callie Kim was driven to the hospital of New York

Callie Kim dies at age 17 due to anorexia. March, 17 2009

I read over everything twice, and check around to make sure they're talking about MY Nixon - I mean, my step brother Nixon.

Now... What should I do with this information?... Surly no one else knew...

I bit on my lip and glanced at the screen one last time. Closing the laptop I put it in my closet and lay down on my bed

I kicked my legs around, restless.

Pros and cons?

Well... If I let the information leak that Nixon wasn't such a playboy I'd get loads of respect, AND get even with Nixon.

On the downside, Nixon would be pretty pissed at me most likely, and heartbroken. I don't really know what I should do...

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