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A fingerprint is to your heart and soul to be touched by God and his love forevermore.

For God's hand will touch your heart forevermore and eternity and a day for one day is 1,000 years to the Lord God (Yahweh). For his love for us is a eternity.

When you see this fingerprint around your heart and that hang around your neck and off closer to your heart. So it be closer heart and soul when you look down at your fingerprint necklaces.

A fingerprint is of your love one and remember his or her hand is on your heart, mind, and soul forever and day.

A 1,000 years from today. You will still remember. How I have a fingerprint of my family around my heart and neck.

For a fingerprint necklace will always there for you to remember your family and friend. For he or she will there with around your neck close to your heart.

When your leave this earth you can get your fingerprint done too with your loves in mind.

My the Lord bring joy in your life forever and eternity.

Love Kenish.

From Kenish A

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