God Sacifice

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God sacrifice his son for our sins and mistakes and everything else in our life that not of God. So we want have sacrifice animals for our God because he gave his only son to us so we may live again go to Heaven not hell. So we will not be under the law of God, but be free or under a scare fear of God. For he love us so much that his son may die to live again for us. How awesome is that because if Jesus didn't die for us can you image how we be living today without Jesus in our life. I can't imagine my life with Jesus, God our Father and the Spirit of Truth (Holy Spirit) in our life to help us and guide of do what right and help us not do wrong. We are free in God not bind to evil but to Good only. We have choices in live to live a life for Christ or the devil. We should choose God always. I do not want people go Hell because it real and no one should not go there. We should live in this world, but not in this world. Amen.

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