What is Love

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What is Love.

What is love that you treat a person unkindly when they are dead. Yes they may not can feel or speak up for their self. When you say you love person and let the bottom of them riot even know it will hold them up, but you take all the person have then treat the family like crap and family member treating them rude but always see a person true color when a person is gone.

What is love when you didn't invite family over and when do come over you and family is rude. I get we take death differently but you do not be rude to ones been standing by yourself differently. You share joy and love with them.

What is love when you love all you can and give all you can and person love or do not love back.

I will ask again What is love. God is love and love us with everything he has and beyond that. Jesus die so we can live. He rose again so we can see him again. Love love love some and love even more than anything.

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