God is never Damn

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We  as humans should never damn God. We may be surprise by God some people may even get angry with God or be frustrated with Him even though all this we still shouldn't damn him. God is never meant for damnation or people too. I know we as human use damn so many ways with different expression and way you say it. We use when we condemn a person. We use our excitement, anger, surprise, frustration or many other ways. Damnation is short for damn is a condemnation nobody in this world is worthless or be condemn to hell or curse. We are worthy of something. So we should never damn ourselves. God is never damn so people need stop saying GD. God or people should never be condemned to hell.  This way Jesus talk about condemnation John 3:17-18 and other verse.  I know people use that word out anger, surprise, frustrated, or disguise or something else. It it like telling somebody go hell. We should never tell anybody to hell no how angry we may be.  Just be careful.

We have be careful what come out our mouth. Roman 3 read it.

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