For Death Is Gone

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For death is gone today and yesterday is the past for you. You  were with me and now you gone to be with Lord your spirit is with Him laying is hand as your soul is sleeping in peace on high.
For death is gone today do not live here anymore for your soul is resting on high ground.
For death do not live here anymore for your body is resting in gound you are at peace with grandma and family for we have no regrets for letting you go. Even know it was hard to for you was ready go home either way. For you was ready go home to grandma and sit down and talk to love her even more. I remember i use see you play and flirt with her and she do same sometimes. I may not always agree with you and may was even hurt but no matter what you always love and wanted protect me from harm way from the world. I love see the rare moment we had we use talk about life and love, but you never know how long it took tge courage to talk to you. It took me weeks and months to do, because know was fear try hold me back but i look in fear in face and talk to you anyways. When we did talk it was realise and i was saying why was I afraid at first place. I wish we had talk more than we did, but I am glad you forgave them hurt you and ask forgive the ones you hurt. I know i haven't told anymore that day because some how courage haven't made it but i am saying in this poem now grandpa apologize for all the wrong he did and he really did love y'all he may not always show it.  He ask him y'all to forgive him. Always remember his love he had for you all. He was a great pastor and man of God.  He may not always been a great grandpa but one thing he did do was love with all he had we may not always understand it but when we needed him he was always there for us to hold us together as one. Now he gone let go of the past live in present and remember the good he did in future.
For death is gone for he will live. I felt peace the whole time with him. He may made me laugh and smile. He was fighter till the end trust me. Even when he heartbeat was low he would push even harder  to live. He chest would move up higher the harder he fight. He shall live and die for he with Lord now. God will is done now all we can do is rejoice in his glory and come together as one. No matter how you may feel we have one grandma left and you have one step mom. Instead going farther away now time get closer together because what my grandma wanted before her life was gone now the what grandpa wanted before and after he was gone, because no mattee what he did in past it gone now and the end count the most. Forgive me.
I remember what he said you reap what you sow which is true at end he reap his love he sow and his family he love so much. Death should never be end of life but the oppsit the beginning of life. Like the phonix raise out the ashes and life begin. More important like Jesus pass away and rose again on 3rd day this how our life is we are alive not dead in Chirst. I remember in hospital when meet grandpa his roommate and wife they made our day when they were day. We praise God and sing. What me so glad at joy when they both singing and learn new songs we never hard before and one stood out the most and he said if or when i get out hospital i would love sing that song at church and  i told him i get lyrics for him so he can sing.  So now I know he at peace and someone will sing for him that song.  The song name is Love Grew Where The Blood Fell.

For death is gone and life begin amen in Jesus name away.

Love you grandpa and grandma    

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