I hate pain

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I hate pain so try not show always try smile not let out but come out anyways. I weather show love than pain because I know God take the pain away. I hate pain and same time it help you to grow stronger than before it push you to do better or worse. Pain can be some people friends because so use to it without they may feel lost. Do not let define you or be it friend let go and move to something better. For I hate pain and it do not live anymore. For you want stay but you have go because I hate feeling hurt because of this pain inside me. Let loose of me you do not lay on me anymore go away pain. I will cry over you because you hurt so back. One moment I am okay next next moment it like fire and pins and needle attracting me for pain time go for hate is strong you you need me so I can free again. For you do have hold me, because God hold him close and heal me from broken heart. Let love be love and let hate be despise if all things. For I hate pain and Love God even more.

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