Girl World- Krystal

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‘They say bad news comes in threes.’

Sunday night came and I buried the guilt deep in the back of my mind, occupying myself with things to do. I prepared myself mentally, and physically for what Monday morning might throw at me, I took exfoliated, scrubbed and tanned my body until I mastered that perfect ‘golden glow’ look Company magazine was promoting so wildly this month. My bleach blonde hair was starting to like straggly, wire and just plain dirt, so I dyed it... Golden Blonde. I used two packs of single falsies to fill my eyelashes so they looked more appealing and made my green eyes stand out. Once the regime was completed I felt satisfied. Looking in the mirror, I saw a different Lex, not one Sophia had created, but my own creation, my own version of myself and if I’m honest, I looked better than ever... ‘But still not as good as Sophia.’ That little annoying voice in my head sang in my ear, ‘Lets face it Lex you’ll never be as good as Sophia.’ It taunted making me suddenly turn my back to my reflection.  It sickened me that even though I had destroyed, crumbled and ruined her Sophia always found a way to fucking strut in my mind, ‘Arrrrgh ffs.’ I groaned in frustration, I looked at the clock, 9. There’s no way I would even be able to get to sleep now and I had nothing else to do. I contemplated on visiting Stace in her room and see if she was up for watching a film or something but as I padded towards her room it dawned on me that Stacie hadn’t spoken to me once since the party... In fact something in my mind was telling me she was avoiding me? So instead of carrying on I made a U-turn and headed downstairs to the kitchen, my sanctuary.

I turned only the spotlights on dimly so I could see what I was doing, made a cup of tea, grabbed a packet of chocolate digestives and sat at the oak table, munching and collecting my thoughts. After a few minutes of mindless wandering, my thoughts turned to Leon, I hadn’t seen him since after the party and I was a bit worried about him... actually no what the fuck I weren’t worried, he’s a cunt, sleeping with Sophia filthy whores the both of them.. even if he is a beautiful, beautiful whore. As I was arguing with my inner self I heard pounding on the door to the porch, at first I thought it was the wind but when I turned round I saw a dark ghostly figure hovering outside the door the tall shape sillouhetted by the night sky, the thunder roared outside and I sat frozen for about a minute and a half in shock state, ‘LEXIE!’ the voice shouted as it’s fist pounded on the door, oh my actual god, it was 100% a murderer coming to get me, I bet Sophia sent some psycho cannibal to come murder me then eat me alive,  stepping closer to the porch door with a rolling pin steadily in my right hand I got closer ‘Whoever the fuck you are...f-f-fuck off, I’m not opening the door you psycho...’ I half screamed trying to keep the fear out of my voice, ‘LEXIE FOR FUCKS SAKE OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR ITS FUCKING FREEZING YOU CUNT.’ I recognised the voice instantly... twisting the key I opened the porch door to a shivering, sopping wet Leon, with a smirk on his face as usual. Once he got inside and stripped out of his wet clothes standing in only his boxers he started laughing, laughing so hard he doubled over and his face went all red for a second. I just stared at him incrudelously whilst he snorted for a good five minutes, looked back up at me and burst out laughing all over again, after a while I couldn’t stand it no longer.. ‘WHAT?!’ I asked him half-whisper shouting, ‘WHATS SO FREAKIN’ FUNNY LEON?!’ I asked my face redding in anger ‘hahahahahahahaha your voice was so fucking funny man, jheez ‘whoever you are i’m not opening the door’’ he mocked in a silly high pitched shit American accent. My facial expression at the moment was not impressed, it was a mixture of embarrassement and pissed off-ness. ‘Not funny.’ I retorted slapping him round the back of the head with such a force I didn’t even notice until my hand started stinging.

He immedietly stopped laughing, ‘What the actual fuck Lexie?’ he asked me anger flashing through his eyes, his nostrils flaring slightly.

‘Don’t fucking mock me you prick, I was scared.’ I replied hotly, all my anger for him building up.

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