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DING A LING A LING, that was the bell for first period I guess, Judging by the amount of people scraping their chairs back around me and leaving. I picked up my bag, dropped my blackberry inside it and took off, opening my planner to see what lesson I had next and what room I was in, Art in room 50, hmm, I flipped the pages in the planner until I came to a map and after several wrong rooms and wrong turnings I came to my art room, 10 minutes late.  

''Um, Sorry I'm late Miss... I got a bit lost.'' I said to a smiley red-head lady at the front of the class, her hair was immense man, so long and this gorgeous color of like the leaves in autumn when they're tumbling down the street, so rich and auburn, ''That's okay, Alexia, Just take a seat and please don't be late again.'' she said smiling toothily, I nodded and slipped into a seat at the front. I wrote my name on the black book in front of me and bent my head as I started to doodle on the front cover, ''Hey'' a voice whispered into my hair, I turned to my right arubtly my hair swinging around my head wildly, this very cute boy was staring back at me his face crinkled into an amused smile, his green eyes were twinkling madly, his long blonde hair hanging over one of his eyes, mmm he was cute. ''Oh hey'' I said back trying not to blush, ''So your from like California right? That's why your so tanned...'', ''JOE! Can you please keep quite while I'm talking?'' He nodded and winked at me ''Anyway like I was saying your going to be put into partners to work on a huge canvas drawing on diversity, I've already put you in groups of two, So, Mark with Amanda..'' Oh please please gandhi let me be with Joe, he's so cute, I could have like an english boyfriend, and we could go out on a date to like the london eye! I have a crush already, Omg I so need to text Freya right now! A sharp voice interrupted my thoughts ''Alexia, your with Sophia, and that's all, now all go over to your partners and start planning ideas, you have two weeks for this project okay guys...'' Who the fuck is sophia?! I thought to myself gathering my stuff, ''Put your bag down, I'm already over here so you don't need to move.'' I knew that icey british voice, it was the Queen bee, OMG! This was my chance, I could totally be befriended by her, and then I'll be crème de la crème aswell and Joe will love me, YES! ''Hel-lo, Are you there? Because I'm actually trying to talk to you at the moment.'' the ice queen cut in my thoughts, again! ''Oh sorry, I was in a bit of a daydream...'' I giggled nervously, ''So you're Sophia right? Omg I love your hair colour, what hair dye do you use? And wow your eyelashes are soo long I'm totally jealous right now, hehe...'' I gabbled on, (have you noticed I have a tendency to babble when I'm nervous?) She cut my sentence with that icy voice again that silenced me straight away ''Yes I'm Sophia Bryan, My hair is coloured by my stylist in London, and my eyelashes are fake.'' she recited in a bored tone, studying her acrylic nails. ''Oh right, um, okay'' I said smiling brightly trying to remain confident. ''Anyways do you have any ideas for this project?'' she asked me in that bored tone again, ''Um yeah, I was thinking we get like loads of different models from magazines like Vogue and stuff, but all different types, like different skin colours, shapes, sizes, nationality's and like do a collage with them on one side of a huge canvas, and then on the other side like a huge drawing of the earth, and have two hands around it and then we can have the title as TOGETHER WE ARE DIVERSE, so yeah um...'' I looked down at my hands and glanced at Sophia through my eyelashes, she had this expression like she was thinking and then without a smile she said 'Yeah, It actually sounds good, Is that a blackberry in your pocket?'' she asked, I nodded dumbly OH EM GEE SOPHIA BRYAN LIKES MY IDEA! ''Okay give me your pin, and I'll bbm you sometime about arranging a time and day to start our project, Okay?'' I nodded again, typing my pin into her bb. Then the bell rung, and the next thing I knew she was out of the classroom, strutting her way down the corridor.

2 hours later-

DINGALINGALING- ''And that's the bell for lunch folks, we shall continue our lecture on the family tomorrow... Have a good day!'' My sociology teacher chirped cheerfully, the whole class started packing up real quickly and eager, but I hung back a bit and slowly packed up and eventually left the classroom. Ah this was the part I'd been dreading all day, sitting by myself like a L O S E R. ''I grabbed a sandwich, flapjack and a bottle of 'Tropicana' from the canteen and decided to sit in the school gardens because it was such a nice sunny day, I took out my bb so I didn't look so much of a looser and began to bbm my friends back home, I was so homesick, tears welled up in my eyes as I longed for the comfort of all my friends back home to be around me right now. ''Hey, Can we sit here please?'' A chirpy bright british accent said, I looked up and saw a very pretty mixed-race girl with long dark curly hair, gorgeous eyelashes (why is everyone in britain so pretty?!) and skin like coffee, on her left stood the prettiest red-head i've ever seen with these huge blue eyes, and skin like greek yogurt, and a skinny blonde girl on her right with mid-legnth hair, HUGE green eyes and a flawless complexion. ''Yeah sure!'' I said in my uber friendly voice, ''Thanks, I'm Carly, that's Lana and this blonde bombshell is Hannah.'' Carly, the mixed-race girl said brightly, I smiled at the other two ''I'm Alexia, but please call me Lexie'' I said to my new friends. These girls were truly british, they were so nice and friendly, they included me in all their conversations, asking for opinions on boys and shiz, and complimenting me all the time, I could tell that these were going to be my new BFFS already! At the end of lunch all three took my number and promised to text me over the weekend about meeting up, wowza thing's were actually starting to look up!

I walked out of school that day on a high, it had been pretty good for a first day actually. I stood by the huge metal gates waiting for Stacie to come out, ''Hey you'' a voice said behind me, I spun around, to stand face to face with OH EM GEE JOE! ''Oh hey'' I smiled, ''And btw, no way am I from Cali, I'm a DC kinda girl.'', he smiled deeply to reveal his dimples (!) '' Haha, Okay sorry my bad, so anyway I've got to run, football practise but give me your number and i'll call you or something this weekend...'' AHHHHHHHHHH HE WANTS MY NUMBER! ''Okay, here..'' I typed my number into his Iphone, ''See Ya'' he said jogging off, I grinned to myself like an idiot. ''Oooh I see someone's got a little crush on Joe Smith...'' I heard Stacie tease next to me as we walked up to my mom's car, ''Uh Uh no way Stace!'' I replied blushing beetroot, she giggled and winked at me knowingly and slipped into the back seat. I walked round to the front and sat on the leather seat, sighing deeply, ''Good day baby?'' my mum asked, ''hm it was okay...'' I replied not wanting to let on I actually quite enjoyed school. BEEP BEEP, my blackberry flashed green, I opened the text message from the unknown number again, 'SOPHIA BRYAN: HOTTEST, MOST POPULAR GIRL IN SCHOOL, FILTHY RICH,REIGNING QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE, HOSTS THE HOTTEST PARTY EVERY YEAR, OCTOBER 3RD IS WHEN HER BIRTHDAY PARTY WILL B, TO GET INVITED U HVE TO BE BEFRIENDED BY SOPHIA. U HVE 2 WEEKS 2 BE FRIENDS WITH HER, ND WHEN U ARE, U WILL BE INVITED 2 THE PARTY. SHE WILL MAKE OR BREAK UR LIFE, GOODLUCK, SEE U SOON.' who the fuck is this kid texting me constantly?! But woah this shit is interesting, hmm 2 weeks to get invited to the hottest party of the year? Let the games begin.

Author's Note: Hiya!:) I hope your all enjoying this, please leave opinions on this chapter! I really love hearing feedback positive or negative. The story will get juicier as it goes on don't worry and I have a few tricks up my sleeve... As for the invisible Leon? Well you'll find out more about him soon. Much love<3

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