Girl World-The morning after the night before

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'Looking in the Mirror I'm Embarrassed.'-Drizzy

I woke up feeling like shit with about 70 missed calls and texts from people I don't give a shit about, a banging headache and a guilty conscience. I felt bad. No doubt about it, I felt fucking awful like an absolute shit or 'crap' as the British would say person. I lay in my bed trying to replay last night's events wondering what happened after I exposed Sophia, how I got in my bed..scrap that how I got fucking home. My gorgeous dress was clinging to mein all the wrong places, suffocating me, my knees were grimey and a scab was forming on my left knee which proved I'd definetly taken a fall yesterday. My skin felt dirty and my hair once beautifully curled was now a simply a mixture of dead curls showered in hairspray, it was all stiff and stunk of cigarrettes, so in short terms I looked and smelled like a hobo. My phone flashed red indicating I had a text but I refused to look at it, fearing the worst, what if everyone saw me the way I see myself suddenly, a horrible horrible cold hearted bitch. I turned over in my bed, trying to push all thoughts of Sophia and her unborn baby out of my head, but as always, she found a way to strut her way in. I wonder how she's feeling now, I bet she wants to murder me, I bet she's planning a cold, painful, long, humiliating death for me right now as we speak, an image of her shocked face when I exposed her secret struck in to my mind, suddenly my dress was well too tight, squeezing the life out of me, my breathing was become slow and unsteady, my eyes began to cloud over, I jumped out of bed and ripped the dress over my head, splitting a seam as I done so, I shoved the dress in a Topshop carrier bag and kicked it under my bed, away from my sight. Guilt. I breathed out and avoiding the mirror made my way to my bathroom to clean up.


''Don't dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next.''

I woke up feeling like a boss with about 70 missed calls and texts from people I actual do not give a shit about, a banging headache and despite all this a huge fucking smile on my face. I felt victorous.

Like a cat who finally got it's cream, yay me. Not even going to sit here and lie, yesterday was the best day of my life, I screwed Sophia over, finally, screwed up her party, oh and also screwed(literally) her date back at my own little after party once the cat was out of the bag. I wriggled my body closer into him whilst he slept peacefully stroking his beautiful blonde hair, honestly he was so beautiful himself I could see why Sophia kept coming back to him for more, he was just so amazing and gentle. I sighed deeply and burrowed my head in his neck as I replayed yesterday's events in my head, Sophia's shocked face when I told the table what I knew, her mum fainting when Lex revealed her secret, her dad jumping to catch her, the image replayed so vividly and seemed so real I couldn't help but laugh. I giggled to myself quietly eventually laughing so hard I snorted, I don't care if it's heartless, Sophia deserved every fucking miniscule that got sent her way, she deserved all of it and more. And she will get more and continue to get more until I feel satisfied. Lex's face crept into my mind as I reminisced on a side I saw of her yesterday I didn't expect one bit. Wow. She went in though, I mean it was hillarious. But Lex... she isn't cut for this game, I bet she's sitting at home now regretting and feeling bad, she's not strong enough, she wants to be and wants to believe she is but really she can't hack it. I feel sorry for her a bit, because we sort of threw her in there, and now she's cut off Sophia it's like she's taken off her life jacket in the middle of the ocean, she won't last long, soon she'll drown. She wants to be queen but she can't, I want to take her in and help her but I can't, she wants to be queen and so do I, so she can't. In this jungle it's survival of the fittest, and she just doesn't have what it takes. She acts on impulse, but me... me I think things out, I plan them ever so carefully and then I put them in to action, I know everything, I have ears and eyes everywhere, people that fear me, people that love me and of course people who despise me, I know more about this school than the fucking head does. I know Girl World more than anyone could even begin to comprehend, so if Lex wants to play with fire,I'm ready, 'cause I will be queen.

Authors note: Tbfh I don't have a clue with this. This chap was just to give you an eyesight into the bitches minds before the games start, so yeah get prepared.

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