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'Fml'- that was the first thing that came into my head as my alarm clock woke me up at 6.30am blasting Lady Gaga.  

You see, I wouldn't have minded getting up for school as much if this was going to be a normal first day of term for me, I might have even been a little bit excited, you know to see all my girlfriends and catwalk that outfit that I'd spent weeks perfecting down the hallways. Except today wasn't going to be a normal day of term for me, it was September the 3rd, the day I'd been dreading for months, I wasn't going back to school at my typical all American high school back home in washington DC, I was 5000 miles away in a practically foreign country... Okay England, but still, and I was to be attending 'Our Lady's secondary school' in Hampshire. Argh! Trust my mom to get married to an English 'Gentleman' (if he can be called that) and make us pack up and leave our beautiful home in Washington to move to some crummy shithole in the 'Posh End' of England with her 50 something year old slob of a husband Henry and his two little brats, Stacie and Leon... Okay I'm bullshitting, again, (sorry i have a tendency to exaggarate sometimes) Henry isn't a slob at all and he's actually quite good-looking for a 50 something year old, and no way does he live in a crummy shithole, he lives in some freakin' mini mansion, I must admit even I was pretty impressed when I saw it, and as for 'the brats' well they haven't actually acted in a bratty way yet but still you never know they might turn out bratty soon. Stacie's 12 going on 20, but she's very pretty with this long dead straight blonde hair, these huge blue eyes, and this gorgeous creamy complexion, NO spots (lucky bitch), Leon's 17, he has the permanent moody expression on his face you know the whole 'oh look at me i'm a troubled soul' thang, I mean puh-lease shakespeare. Anyways he's actually quite 'handsome' or whatever you english people say, and he has these proper gorgeous eyelashes, long thick and dark, the sort which are wasted on a boy, he's nice, i guess.

'Hmm, maybe i'll just curl up and go to bed and pretend i forgot what day it is...' I wondered to myself out loud, but I was interrupted by a knock on my door and a crisp british accent, 'Urm.. Alexia, your mom says to hurry up and get ready because the car is leaving in forty and you haven't had breakfast...' urrrrgh i groaned to myself 'Fuck off' I mumbled, 'Excuse me?' Stacie asked, 'I said just coming stace, i'll be down as soon as possible' I said in a fake cheery voice 'Oh okay then, see you soon' she chirped back equally as bright. I rolled over and looked at my clock 6.45, 'CHRIST!' I swore out loud, that only gives me forty fiveminutes to get ready AND eat, jesus it was going to be a long day! By the time I finished putting on my uniform (yeah I know a uniform!) of a black skirt, which I'd hemmed previously to make it quite short, a crisp white shirt, a navy blue blazer and some black tights, I decided it was time to do the good ol' hair and make up, I settled on wearing my hair down and wavy with a middle-ish parting, I'd previously seen this hairstyle on Lauren conrad and decided to copy hehe! I settled on some foundation, bronzer and turned my eyelashes into miniature spider legs by using Bad Gal Lash over and over again. I sprayed myself, picked up my Juicy bag and slammed my bedroom door shut.

'Morning!' my mom smiled brightly as I walked into the room, 'Ooh you look nice, first day of school ay, excited?!' she carried on rambling while I got my breakfast of a croissant and a Latte ignoring her as I was to tired/nervous to answer, I sat down at the table opposite stacie while she delicately ate her cornflakes as if she were in a five star restaurant, my step-father sat at the head of the table reading a newspaper as which i noted as 'The Guardian', Leon was nowhere to be seen. 'Goodmorning Alexia' Henry said in that ultra annoying calm voice he used, 'Hi, um I mean, Goodmorning Henry' I mumbled looking into my coffee, for some reason I always felt so nervous around him, like I was about do something stupid or something. 'Right well, If you two ladies are ready then we can proceed to leave as otherwise we'll catch the traffic' Henry said putting down his newspaper, standing up and smoothing his suit, automatically Stacie dropped her spoon into her bowl 'I'm ready Dad' she announced, both eyes turned towards me, I felt my skin prickle and start to burn up, 'Um yeah im finished,' I mumbled mouth full, cringe.

10 minutes later and the silver landrover pulled up outside this gorgeous old building which looked like something out of Harry Potter or something, Stacie jumped out of the front seat enthusiastically looking around to see if she could catch site of one of her many friends, I stepped out of the back slightly wobbly, looked out onto the front to see thousands of students all in the same uniform as me milling around the building, I heard Henry wish me luck and say goodbye distantly but I wasn't concentrating so I didn't reply. 'C'mon Alexia, This way.' Stacie guided me as we walked through the huge metal gates, 'Um okay I've got to go, My buildings this way, That's yours over there...' she said pointing north towards the nicest building, 'check in at reception and they'll guide you to your form room, okay?' I nodded dumbly, omg, this was so overwhelming, why me gandhi, why me? I watched Stacie glide gracefully towards the west wing, I took out my jewelled blackberry so my hands weren't bare, and thought to myself, this is it Lexie, make a statement, show them your not afraid. So i started to walk through the crowd, confidently with me head held high, and my bitchy look on my face, using what i call 'my badboy strut' I walked past the narrowed eyes, the girls thinking 'who the fuck does she think she is?' and the boys thinking well, um... i dunno what boys think. Anyways I reached the office and stomped up to the little glass pannel, there was a short black lady sitting behind the desk, tapping away on the computer, 'Hi...' I said in my brightest voice startling her a bit 'My name is Alexia Marie Robyn Murphy, um I'm new here, and I don't have a clue where to go so my step father said to come to this office and you'd show me my homeroom... I mean form room' I rambled quickly, 'Oh yes of course, Alexia, Your form room is room 101, If you'd like to follow me and I'll show you it, Here is your timetable and planner, don't loose these they are very important.' The bursar replied in that crisp english accent that i'm beginning to understand now. We walked through several long polished hallways with brown oak flooring that gleamed under the harsh sunlight, after two flights of stairs we finally reached room 101, the lady opened the door for me and I walked in, the room was filled with so many different boys and girls all sittig in groups talking about their holidays or whatever, the lady (didnt ask for her name) introduced me to this old lady at the front of the room in bright purple trousers and a long silver cardigan, her white hair was piled on top of her head and on her ears dangled the biggest pair of earrings i'd ever seen covered in all sorts of colours, her grey eyes crinkled when she smiled 'Hallo, You must be Alexia, Am I right?' I nodded and plastered a (what i hoped) friendly smile on my face, the whole class fell dead silent and everyone turned around to stare at me, I tried to stay looking confident but I noticed a group at the back huddled around something or someone... 'Am I right?' the tutor said clearing her through, 'Oh yes, sorry my name is Alexia' I said as clearly as I could, 'AMERICAN?!' I  

i heard someone at the back of the class whisper loudly, 'Okay Alexia, I'm Mrs Bray, please take a seat at the back of the class in that space, so we can proceed with tutor time' she said smiling warmly, I nodded and smiled and made my way towards the empty space, when I got there I found a black and pink 'Jack Wills' bag occupying my seat (note to self: research jack wills and find out who the hell he is!) The person who's bag I take it was sitting in my seat had her back to me, her long black glossy hair ironed across her back, she was part of the small group of people crowding that something. 'Um excuse me, could you please move your bag?' She turned around slowly, a snide expression slapped across her face (which btw was flawless, FML) 'Who the fuck's interrupting my speech with that idiotic accent' another voice said coming from the center of the group, the people parted and there on the middle of the desk sat one of the prettiest girls I'd ever seen, but I could tell that she was not to be messed with from the beggining, her cheekbones could cut ice, her tiny red lips sat in a smirk on her face, eyes narrowed, she gave me the once over 'And you are?' she asked in that ice cold voice again, 'Um my names Alexia Murphy, I moved here from...' I babbled, 'Cut' she interrupted me sharp and swiftly 'I don't care about your life story, and I certainly don't care about you.' she stated clearly, I racked my brains to think of something witty to say back, but I've seen enough teen chick flicks to know that getting on the wrong side of the queen bee gets you nowhere. So I silently slid into my chair, and got my blackberry out of my bag, it was flashing so I checked my messages 'WELCOME 2 GIRL WORLD' the text said, wtf? 'WHO IS THIS?' I text back, looking around the class for a clue, 'JUST DO AS I SAY & U WILL SURVIVE' was the reply. Seriously, FML.

AUTHORS NOTE: Thanks for reading, this is my first story, I never really cba to write but I'm quite enjoying it actually, anyway, all ideas are welcome, I love it when people give me inspiration and stuff, so comment if you have any ideas for new characters or plots! The anonymous texts will be throughout the whole sotry and hopefully you guys are enjoying it so far. I need opinions and help on how to improve my writing so don't be afraid to say what you really think. Much love for y'all<3

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